atmosfair was able to complete the installation of the first solar-electric cooking systems for the Magnificat Secondary School and the Formation House of the Holy Spirit Sisters in Sanya Juu near Mount Kilimanjaro with local partners, and the sisters now cook daily with solar power.

At the school, we discovered during a project visit earlier this year that the cooking capacity was too small to be able to cook electrically for all 600 pupils. We will therefore install four additional efficient electric cooking kettles with a capacity of 170 l each. These should arrive in Tanzania in two months and enable 100% electric cooking at the school.


In order to enable a rapid expansion of the project, we will use several local solar companies in the future.

In April 2023, the Tanzanian government announced that due to the high health and environmental damage caused by cooking with biomass, all institutions with more than 100 people should switch from firewood and charcoal to gas or electricity for cooking by 2025.

The timetable does not seem entirely realistic due to the significantly higher cost of gas compared to firewood.  For electric cooking, the often insufficient grid stability is a major hurdle. atmosfair offers an affordable and reliable alternative for the institutions with the solar-electric cooking systems including battery storage for a stable, uninterrupted power supply and the interest-free instalment financing and can thus contribute to the Tanzanian government’s goal being achieved as quickly as possible.