Total savings :Not CDM or Gold Standard certified
Technology transfer :Solar powered water desalination plant for clean drinking water
Local environment :avoids the transport of drinking water from other islands; Reduction of plastic bottles; less deforestation, as the water was prior purified by boiling it with firewood
Further advantages :Access to clean drinking water; creation of jobs
Project partners :KOMODO WATER, PT. Akuo Energy Indonesia

A water desalination plant gives access to independent, local water supply

On July the 22nd in 2019, on the small island Papagarang located in Komodo Islands National Park, Indonesia, our project partner KOMODO WATER put a Solar Powered Water Desalination plant into operation to filter the brackish water from the island. A 5,5 kWp solar system generates the energy needed for the system. Two employees fill the gained salt- and germ-free drinking water into 20-litre-canisters and sell it for a low price, to finance the operation and maintenance of the plant.

For the 400 families on Papagarang Island to have drinking water, a boat had to deliver it from another island daily, which took four hours per trip. This led to a high consumption of water bottles, was expensive and polluted the environment with emissions from boat transportation. The ground water was usually still boiled to kill the germs. In sanitary facilities and for cleaning, there was no clean water at all. The people used the unfiltered brackish water, a source of diseases.

Thanks to the new water desalination plant, now the people from the island have direct access to clean drinking water, which does not have to be transported from other islands anymore. Even though the plant could produce 5,000l drinking water daily, many families still use the free brackish water for a big part of their daily water demand unfortunately. Currently, we are collaborating with our partner, to improve the project approach to build a constant and sustainable distribution structure. We have planned to purchase an electric boat motor to deliver water to the bigger islands Komodo and Rinca, instead of only Papagarang. Moreover, the installation of an ice making plant is planned, so that the fishermen (80% of the population) may cool the fish and sell it as fresh fish, instead of salted dried fish.

From idea to project implementation

The idea of the solar water desalination plant on Papagarang occurred after a tender for innovative projects connected to tourism from atmosfair in 2018. Upon receiving the project proposal from our partner PT. Akuo Energy Indonesia we verified the technical feasibility and set up the financing terms and conditions. After the incorporation of the local project company, we fixed all terms of cooperation in January 2019. atmosfair financed more than 60% of the total cost. All other costs where paid from PT. Akuo Energy Indonesia.

Our partners

KOMODO WATER, as the local project company, is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the water desalination plant on Papagarang. Since 2012, Komodo Water provides affordable clean and drinking water for villagers in the remote area of Komodo National Park and West Manggarai District, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Together with the villagers, we designed water solution for the area with limited water resources, by optimizing and managing the current local water resources based on environment sustainable approach.


PT. Akuo Energy Indonesia is a subsidiary of Akuo Energy SAS, based in Bali and Jakarta. It was founded in 2013 and has since specialized on planning and implementing power plants for renewable power. With its knowledge, PT. Akuo Energy Indonesia is in a good position, to develop customized projects of high quality in this country of 17,000 islands.

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