The atmosfair Airline Index compares and ranks the carbon efficiency of the 200 largest airlines of the world. The formula contain for every flight the aircraft type, engines, winglets, seating and freight capacity as well as load factors for both passengers and co-loaded freight. Using detailed sources from authorities and official statistics, specialised data service providers and computer models used by aircraft engineers, the CO₂ emissions of an airline can be calculated at an error margin of less than two percent.

The objective of atmosfair is, to make climate efficiency a factor of competition among the airlines. It can only benefit climate protection, if the CO₂-performance of the various airlines are brought to light and into the public.

Car drivers have long been able to inform themselves about the CO₂ emissions of a car before purchasing it; however, air passengers are left in the dark when it comes to choosing the most climate-friendly airline. The Airline Index sheds light upon this matter. In the index, every airline receives between 0 and 100 efficiency points, differentiated by flight length (short, medium and long).

This tool enables passengers to compare airlines offering flights to particular destinations and choose the airline that produces the least CO₂ emissions.

For corporate clients, atmosfair offers specific analyses of individual routes. It allows for climate-conscious enterprises to identify the CO₂ efficiency of different airlines on the routes that their employees fly regularly.

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