Who is atmosfair?

The BMUV was founded in 1986 and is in charge of all of the German federal government’s environmental policies. For more information please view their website: www.bmuv.de/en

forum anders reisen

forum anders reisen is an association of German travel agencies that was created to promote environmentally-sustainable tourism. They offer a unique and innovative spectrum of high-quality tourism. They are one of the founding bodies of atmosfair. Additionally, the majority of their 125 operators support the goals of atmosfair. For more information please view the following websites: Holidays with atmosfair and www.forumandersreisen.de.

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Following the motto “Observing, Analysing, Acting”, Germanwatch has been actively promoting global equity and the preservation of livelihoods since 1991. In doing so, Germanwatch focusses on the politics and economics of the North and their worldwide consequences. The situation of marginalised people in the South is the starting point of the organisation’s work. Together with members and supporters as well as with other actors in civil society, Germanwatch intends to represent a strong lobby for sustainable development. Germanwatch attempts to approach its goals by advocating for the prevention of dangerous climate change, for food security, and compliance of companies with human rights. For years, Germanwatch has been working on aviation issues and has insistently drawn policy makers’ attention to the strong warming effects of aviation emissions. As long as mandatory policies or laws, such as an ambitious cap on aviation emissions, are not implemented, Germanwatch considers atmosfair to be the most reasonable approach to a sustainable solution.

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