atmosfair is always looking for new ideas for projects that reduce greenhouse gases

Projects should have the potential to meet the CDM Gold Standard. In other words, there must be a clearly quantifiable reduction of emissions, the project must be based on renewable energy or energy efficiency, it should make a special contribution to sustainable development, and CDM funding must be critical for implementation.


Criteria for selecting new atmosfair projects:

  • The project must take place in a country that is not one of the countries listed in Annex I of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.
  • The project uses one or more mature, proven, and durable technologies based on renewable energies or energy efficiency.
  • There is potential to fulfill the CDM Gold Standard criteria. For this, CO₂ savings must be measurable and able to be certified according to the UN or Gold Standard regulations, among other things. Please also demonstrate the project’s additionality.
  • The technology used should be able to be used by a large number of households in order to generate sufficiently high CO₂ savings. (Generally speaking, it should be able to reduce CO₂ emissions by at least 5,000 tons per year.)
  • The dissemination of the technology is built on a viable and sustainable business model, e.g., in collaboration with microcredit institutions that can operate independently after receiving external start-up financing.
  • The project contributes to sustainable development (ecological, economic, and social).
  • You are building on existing experiences regarding renewable energy technologies in countries in the Global South as well as on a network of local partners that could dependably take on monitoring the distribution and use of the technology.

atmosfair can only rarely support pilot projects (i.e., projects without CDM Gold Standard certification). In these cases, atmosfair does not credit itself with the CO₂ reductions. atmosfair is normally not able to support individual facilities that reduce emissions by less than 1,000 t CO₂ per year.


We Offer:

  • Examination of project ideas and advice on the CDM Gold Standard
  • Preparation of CDM project design documents, including the baseline study, monitoring methodology, and demonstration of additionality
  • Coordination of the validation and registration processes

For Project Funding, we offer:

  • The guaranteed purchase of emission reduction certificates (CERs) at fair prices
  • The possibility of partial pre-financing


Does your project fulfill all of the criteria? Get in touch with us!

If your project fulfills the criteria listed above and you are interested in collaborating with atmosfair, please send us a project description (max. two pages) with the following content:

  • Technology used
  • Project location
  • Baseline scenario: Type of energy supply to be replaced, information on end users
  • Projected CO₂ savings
  • Projected project costs
  • State of project implementation and financing
  • Business model
  • Additional benefits (e.g., related to health, quality of life, environment, social impact)
  • Local partners


We look forward to your suggestions!

Your contact at atmosfair

David Grüttner
Project Manager
+49 30 1208480 - 77