Try the new atmosfair Smart Travel Tool!

The atmosfair Smart Travel Tool is now online in its first beta version! The Smart Travel Tool is a door-to-door travel tool that helps you find the smartest connection between two locations. It uses up-to-date data to compare various modes of transportation, such as train and night train, car, airplane, and long-distance bus, suggesting the best connections for each mode of travel and estimating the ticket price for the journey.

You can sort the found connections by CO₂, cost, or time. But the Smart Travel Tool can do even more. In the settings, you can set various values to tailor the search for the best travel route to your specific needs. Try out the new tool yourself and help us further develop the Smart Travel Tool.

Smart Travel Tool

We want the Smart Travel Tool to be as intuitive as possible, and we’d like to involve you and your feedback in this process. Therefore, we designed a survey in which you can provide us with your feedback on the Smart Travel Tool via Google Form in just five minutes.


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