Smart Travel Tool

The Smart Travel Tool is a door-to-door travel tool that helps you find the smartest connection between two locations. Try it out!

Flight offsetting: Guiding Principles

atmosfair does not offer certain CO₂ offsets. Behind this are our guiding principles.

Climate-friendly Tour operators

Here you can find an overview of cooperating tour operators that offer atmosfair in their travel products.

Climate-friendly Travel Agencies

You want to have competent advice on how to travel sustainably when booking your vacation? Find out about climate-friendly travel agencies here.

Current Travel Offerings

Here you can find selected travel offerings where sustainability plays a high role.

Tips for Climate-friendly Travel

To travel climate-friendly does not mean you have to give up a nice vacation. Learn here how to have a great climate-friendly travel experience.

The Annual Climate Budget

To prevent climate change every human has only a certain annual budget of CO2. You can find your annual climate budget here.

Climate Justice

Although most of air traffic takes place in the developed world regions, developing countries are most strongly affected by climate change.

ITB 2023

ITB and atmosfair - a longstanding cooperation for a greener future.