Total savings :200-400 tonnes CO2/year per WaterKiosk
Technology transfer :Solar water desalination system for the production of clean drinking water by modified reverse osmosis
Local environment :Replaces firewood used for boiling to clean water; avoids deforestation; avoids long distance transport of drinking water by truck or motorcycle
Further advantages :Access to drinking water; cultivation of fruit and vegetables; local fish farming; public access to solar power that is not needed for water treatment
Project partners :Boreal Light GmbH, WaterKiosk Limited

Access to clean drinking water - a new project approach

Ensure equitable access to clean and affordable drinking water to prevent the cycle of disease, malnutrition and undernourishment. With this goal in mind, atmosfair started the search for suitable technologies and cooperation partners in the field of solar-based water treatment as early as 2018.

We discovered promising new developments in systems that do not require a grid connection, no diesel generator and no battery. The technical basis is the reverse osmosis process, in which pressure changes filter impurities through membranes.

The products of the Berlin manufacturer Boreal Light GmbH aroused our special interest. Together, we developed a first pilot in Kenya in order to derive conclusions for possible follow-up projects and to lay the foundation for the new project pillar solar drinking water supply.

The pilot project in the village of Burani (see Our WaterKiosks® Portfolio) is a success story. Since its installation, the villagers (and surrounding villages) have access to clean and affordable drinking water. The time-consuming fetching of contaminated water is no longer necessary. In addition, the cutting of wood as fuel for boiling and thus the deforestation of the forests and the release of CO2 now belongs to the past.

Growing together following the example of Burani

The water kiosk in Burani is a model for the construction of further water kiosks. The upcoming follow-up projects are spread all over the country and focus primarily on places with limited access to clean, affordable drinking water and high deforestation rates. By the end of 2020, 16 water kiosks were put into operation. Another 25 water kiosks are scheduled for completion in 2021.

The financing of 42 water kiosks by atmosfair has created the largest decentralized water treatment project in East Africa (see sidebar “News from the project”). We do not want to stop there. The access to clean and affordable drinking water is still closed for millions of people.

Our WaterKiosks ® Portfolio

Water kiosks already in operation

Burani WaterKiosk                                                         Mombasa Old Town WaterKiosk                            Diani WaterKiosk

Wajir 6 WaterKiosk                                                       Nakuro WaterKiosk                                                      Naivasha WaterKiosk

Tudor Waterkiosk                                                                Ukambani WaterKiosk                                           Bururubu WaterKiosk


Habaswein WaterKiosk                                                    Voi WaterKiosk                                                          Mwingi WaterKiosk


Garissa WaterKiosk                                                             LIKONI 1 WaterKiosk                                         Nyali WaterKiosk

Wajir Bor WaterKiosk                                                        Mandera WaterKiosk                                           Marsabit WaterKiosk

Isiolo WaterKiosk                                                                  Bamburi 1                                                                    Rongai 2 WaterKiosk

Lodwar 1 WaterKiosk                                                         Turkana WaterKiosk                                             Kiserian WaterKiosk

Water kiosks in the planning stage

Over 20 water kiosks

Our partner

Boreal Light GmbH is a young company based in Berlin, which has set itself the goal of giving the poorest people access to clean drinking water. The company plans and produces affordable and simple solar-powered water treatment systems. WaterKiosk Limited is based in Kenya and as a subsidiary of Boreal Light GmbH responsible for the local construction, operation and maintenance of the individual water kiosks.

Your contact at atmosfair

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Senior Project Developer
Commercial Lawyer, M.A. Philosophy
+49 (0) 30 120 84 80 – 64