Especially in sun-rich areas, solar energy is a sensible form of renewable energy generation. However, start-up financing for solar projects often lacks. For this reason, atmosfair supports solar projects that cannot get off the ground without funding support. Moreover, these projects must meet the highest demands in terms of ecologically and socially sustainable development within the project country.

Senegal: Clean Energy from Solar Systems

This project confirms Senegal's goal of increasing electricity production by promoting renewable energies in general and photovoltaics in particular, while simultaneously moving away from heavy oil and diesel.

Gold Standard Microscale projects

Iraq: Power supply for the refugee camp Mam Rashan

A photovoltaic system will provide the refugee camp in northern Iraq with permanent and renewable energy ...

Madagascar: Clean electricity and organic food

Solar systems on greenhouses enable better production possibilities in agriculture by means of intelligent irrigation methods.

Madagascar: Clean solar power replaces heavy fuel oil power

A 2,9 MW solar power plant close to the city of Toliara replaces the combustion of 1.300.000 liters heavy fuel oil a year.

Mali: Rural electrification with PV-Mini-Grids

A Solar Power Center (SPC) guaranties the long-term power supply for entire villages in rural regions.

Madagascar: Solar powered rural electrification program

Thanks to solar mini-grids, people in rural areas of the island finally have access to clean electricity. A basic prerequisite for sustainable development in rural regions.

Togo: Agri-photovoltaics in agropolitan regions

The project includes the construction and operation of several Agri-PV plants in rural special economic zones (so-called "agropoles") to promote synergies between companies in agriculture and food processing and thus promote responsible use of natural resources and environmentally friendly production.

Tanzania: Cooking with Solar Electricity

Solar electric cooking systems enable schools and other institutions in Tanzania to replace firewood and charcoal for cooking entirely with solar power.

Togo and Burkina Faso: Decentralized solar drinking water networks in West-Africa

The aim of the projects is to install and commission several decentralized solar drinking water networks in Togo, Burkina Faso and other countries in West Africa in order to provide the population with access to safe drinking water.

Dominican Republic: Harnessing Solar Potential to Increase Energy indpendence

The project focuses on harnessing renewable energy by establishing a solar PV plant, supplying the Dominican Republic with clean, affordable power. Paired with a solar hybrid greenhouse showcase, it seeks to curtail greenhouse emissions and bolster energy self-sufficiency.

Morocco: Solar Drip Irrigation for Smallholder Farmers

Inefficient irrigation powered by fossil fuels puts pressure on climate and groundwater reserves. This project enables farmers to irrigate their farms in a resource-efficient way through affordable renewable electricity.

Kenya: Solar water desalination system

An "all-round talent" improves local water supply and agricultural productivity

East Africa: Electric Public Transport

Since March 2022 atmosfair with its partners EURIST and FABIO is testing the use of E-Bikes as taxis in Jinja, Uganda within the scope of the African E-Bike project. atmosfair plans to expand to further electric vehicles for public: motorcycles, rickshaws and busses and contribute to a significant reduction of the CO2 emissions of the transport sector.

Lesotho: Solar Home Systems

Lesotho is one of the smallest African countries which is located in the south of the continent and surrounded by South Africa. In terms of per capita income ...

Ethiopia: Solar Home Systeme

Many families in Ethiopia are happy when they can come home in the evening and only have to press the light switch.

Pilot projects

In these projects, atmosfair supports technology development and testing. The CO₂ reductions are monitored, but they are not counted as CO₂ offsetting.

Mongolia: Heating with solar electricity

By financing photovoltaic systems and electric heating systems in Mongolia, atmosfair enables institutions such as kindergartens and schools to switch from heating with coal, which is harmful to the environment and health, to solar power.

Brazil: Agriphotovoltaics in the village of the indigenous Pankará

33kWp agrophotovoltaic system in the village of the indigenous Pankará people in northeastern Brazil provides clean and affordable electricity to run a water pump for efficient irrigation of a community garden.

Sambia: solar-powered irrigation system for smallholder farmers

Lack of rainfall and prolonged droughts are life-threatening. This project enables smallholder farmers to grow food commercially and climate-friendly and creates perspectives.

Ghana: Innovative distribution system for solar home systems

With the help of solar kiosks, atmosfair distributes cost efficient solar lamps and solar home systems to rural communities in Ghana, which are very remote and not connected to the electricity grid.

Indonesia: Solar powered water desalination plant on an island

On July the 22nd in 2019, on the small island Papagarang located in Komodo Islands National Park, Indonesia, our project partner KOMODO WATER put a Solar Powered Water Desalination plant into operation to filter the brackish water from the island.

India: Solar Thermal Power Plant

Status: Project terminated India One uses 770 in-house developed 60 m² parabolic solar dishes with dual axis tracking system ...