Especially in sun-rich areas, solar energy is a sensible form of renewable energy generation. However, start-up financing for solar projects often lacks. For this reason, atmosfair supports solar projects that cannot get off the ground without funding support. Moreover, these projects must meet the highest demands in terms of ecologically and socially sustainable development within the project country.

CDM Gold Standard Projects

South Africa: Kuyasa low-cost urban housing energy upgrade project

Status: operation(Phase III) Process of certification on hold

Gold Standard Microscale projects

Ethiopia: Solar Home Systeme

Status: verification (Phase II) Ehtiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world but at the same time the biggest landlocked country in the world ...

Georgia: Solar collectors for rural households

Status: verification (Phase II) Households in rural areas are using solar energy as new and important energy ressource as preparation for warm water.

India: Solar Thermal Power Plant

Status: Betrieb (Phase III) India One uses 770 in-house developed 60 m² parabolic solar dishes with dual axis tracking system ...

Iraq: Power supply for the refugee camp Mam Rashan

A photovoltaic system will provide the refugee camp in northern Iraq with permanent and renewable energy ...

Lesotho: Solar Home Systems

Lesotho is one of the smallest African countries which is located in the south of the continent and surrounded by South Africa. In terms of per capita income ...

Pilot projects

Egypt: Clean drinking water with solar energy

Status: operation(Phase III) Clean drinking water is provided by solar energy for around 400 people in the egyptian desert ...