Total savings :ca. 180 tons of CO₂ per solar PV-plant per year
Technology transfer :remotely monitored PV system in combination with a battery system to supply power to rural communities
Local environment :avoidance of diesel generators
Further advantages :improvement of living conditions through a stable power supply, strengthening of the rural economy, access to modern technologies and hence knowledge transfer
Project partners :AGT Electrification Rurale Sarl, Africa GreenTec Asset GmbH

Sustainable access to electricity for people in rural areas

Mali, September 2021: atmosfair builds two Solar Power Centers for rural electrification in the villages of Bananso and Séro together with Africa GreenTec Asset GmbH and its local subsidiary AGT Electrification Rurale Sarl. The village of Bananso, with about 8,000 habitants, is located in the extreme south of Mali in the border region with Côte d’Ivoire. The village of Séro is the main village of the Commune Séro Diamanou, which includes 18 villages. Together with the villages of Mélo and Diadioumbéra, Séro forms a village group with about 15,000 inhabitants, which is located in the north-west of Mali in the border region with Mauritania and Senegal.

Difficult transport

The local transport of the solar modules and the battery system is a big challenge. After the goods arrived in the Senegalese port of Dakar, they were transported by truck to the individual locations. The overland journey to Bananso was interrupted several times due to the difficult situation in Mali and could only be continued thanks to the many years of experience and negotiating skills of our partner. The installation of the solar systems as well as the medium voltage lines have already been done. Due to the rainy season, the roads to Bananso are currently impassable. At the end of October, this Solar Power Centre should be able to be put into operation. In Sero, the installation site for the control container is not passable. Therefore, it cannot be placed on the intended foundation. The rainy season ends here at the end of September. Right afterwards, the control container will be connected to the already existing solar-PV system and to the mini-grid.

Solar plant achieves full electrification

The two Solar Power Center consist of a solar-PV system with a total output of 153 kWp and a 230 kWh battery energy storage system each, which feed into the existing mini-grids. The newly added systems will achieve cost-effective full electrification in the villages. The connected households can therefore completely dispense with diesel generators and approx. 180 tonnes of CO₂ can be saved per year per location.

The two villages are the start of our cooperation with Africa GreenTec Asset GmbH, and the expansion of the project to include eight more villages is currently being planned.

Our Partners

Africa GreenTec Asset GmbH implements sustainable energy solutions that supply entire village communities in rural regions of Mali with electricity. This will also allow people to learn about the new application of solar energy. AGT Electrification Rural Sarl is the local operating company. It is a subsidiary of Africa GreenTec Asset GmbH and headed by a Malian managing director.

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