Total savings :4000 t CO2 expected
Technology transfer :Used electric cars (Nissan Leafs) used as Taxis. Charging infrastructure incl. solar powered charging stations. Expansion to other cities and vehicle types (public transport) planned: electric motorcycles, rickshaws
Local environment :Reduction of air pollution and noise pollution
Further advantages :Reduction in noise and air pollution and associated negative health effects. Use of local renewable resources (geothermal, hydro, wind, solar) instead of relying on the import of fossil fuels
Project partners :EkoRent Africa Ltd (Kenia)

atmosfair together with its partner EkoRent is establishing and expanding Nopea Ride, the first 100% electric taxi service in Kenya’s capital Nairobi.

Started in August 2018, EkoRent is successfully operating the first electric taxi hailing service of East Africa. atmosfair supports the further expansion of the electric vehicle fleet and charging infrastructure. This already enabled EkoRent to increase the electric vehicle fleet to 50 cars (as of June 2021). In the next years, the project is expected to increase to 600 electric taxis with total emission savings of 4,000 tons CO2 per year.

Nairobi residents also profit from the clean taxi service. There is a high volume of traffic and many vehicles are equipped with insufficient exhaust filters. This leads to poor air quality in the city. The electric taxis, on the other hand, do not only reduce CO2 emissions but also reduce the noise and air pollution in the Kenyan capital.

Nairobi is optimal for electric vehicles: the lower consumption compared to ICE vehicles is especially pronounced in the frequent stop-and-go traffic. The relatively constant temperatures around 20°C year around without significant heat or frost present ideal conditions for the batteries increasing their performance and lifetime.

The vehicles are charged with renewable energy.  Currently we are expanding the charging infrastructure with solar powered charging hubs.

atmosfair plans to expand to further electric vehicles for public transport in future: motorcycles, rickshaws and busses and contribute to a significant reduction of the CO2 emissions of the transport sector.

Our Partner

Our partner EkoRent has started with the business of renting electric cars in Finland and, after the successful start of the 100% electric taxi service in Nairobi, is now fully concentrating on the electric public transport sector in the fast growing cities of East Africa.

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