Total savings :2000 t CO₂ expected
Technology transfer :E-bikes as taxis with solar charging station in Uganda. Expansion to include other types of vehicles for public transport is planned: electric motorbikes, rickshaws and buses.
Local environment :Reduction of air pollution and noise pollution
Further advantages :Reduction in noise and air pollution and associated negative health effects. Use of local renewable resources (geothermal, hydro, wind, solar) instead of relying on the import of fossil fuels
Project partners :EURIST; FABIO (Uganda)

E-Bike Pilot Projekt in Uganda

Since March 2022 atmosfair with its partners EURIST and FABIO is testing the use of E-Bikes as taxis in Jinja, Uganda within the scope of the African E-Bike project. With the 12 electric bicycles of the pilot subproject we want to find out how they stand the test of daily use and how large their CO2 emission savings are: how many kilometers do the drivers cover each day and how many trips by motorcycle, car or bus can the E-Bikes replace.

So called boda boda bicycle taxis with a passenger seat mounted on the rear rack have been used in East Africa for decades. Similar motorcycle taxis under the same name, faster and with less exhaustion for the driver have replaced the bicycle version to an increasing degree – at the expense of more air and environmental pollution.

Thanks to the electric auxiliary engine, the E-Bikes can reach speeds of 30 km/h and can be a more ecological and – especially with the strongly increased fuel prices – a more cost effective alternative for the boda boda drivers.

atmosfair together with its partner EkoRent is establishing and expanding Nopea Ride, the first 100% electric taxi service in Kenya’s capital Nairobi.

Electric Car Taxis in Kenya

Since 2019 atmosfair, together with its partner EkoRent Africa Ltd, established Nopea Ride, Africa’s first all-electric taxi service in Kenya’s capital Nairobi. Started with initially 2 charging stations and 3 electric cars, Nopea Ride grew to 14 charging ports and 65 electric cars in the following 3 years.

After EkoRent Africa struggled already with Covid19 related significantly lower mileage of the electric taxis in 2020, the operation of the electric taxi service unfortunately had to be stopped in November 2022 after an unsuccessful financing round and the insolvency of the Finnish majority shareholder EkoRent OY.

Even though Nopea Ride was ultimately unable to establish itself in the Kenyan market, it is still an important pioneering project and was able to create awareness of the potential of electric mobility in local politics, business and the population. For example, the state-owned power utility now wants to promote electric mobility because of the positive health and environmental effects and because it allows the surplus, renewable electricity from geothermal and hydropower to be put to good use. Some Kenyan startups are also already testing and scaling up the use of electric city buses and electric motorcycles.


atmosfair is currently looking for new partners who will continue to use the electric cars and charging infrastructure in the future and plans to expand to further electric vehicles for public: motorcycles, rickshaws and busses and contribute to a significant reduction of the CO2 emissions of the transport sector.

Our Partner

EURIST e.V is a non-governmental organisation based in Hamburg, Germany, promoting policies that improve the environmental, social and economic sustainability of transport and mobility around the world. EURIST focuses on the relation between transport and CO2 emission reduction, transport and the Millennium Development Goals, Poverty Alleviation, Environmental Protection, Road Safety and Freight.

FABIO is a non-governmental organisation based in Jinja, Uganda, that seeks to promote the use of sustainable and eco-friendly transport solutions with major emphasis on active transport and mass public transport. We use the bicycle as a tool of social transformation for improving the livelihoods of the vulnerable communities through enhancing their access to basic services and opening up new economical chances.

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