Total savings :Photovoltaic system saves, compared to the conventional power production with fossil fuels, a total amount of 1100t CO2 each year, over 10 years
Technology transfer :Electricity generation with a 980kWp photovoltaic system with battery storage
Local environment :Improvement of air quality by reducing the usage of fossil fuels
Further advantages :Education/ Employment, energy efficiency measures and training for residents of the camp
Project partners :Federal state Baden-Württemberg through the foundation „Stiftung Entwicklungs-Zusammenarbeit Baden-Württemberg“ (SEZ)

A special Thanks goes to our project supporters :

Initiative Flüchtlingsdorf Ruhrgebiet, greentech, Enerparc Power Plants GmbH, ZIMMERMANN PV-Stahlbau GmbH & Co. KG, Meteocontrol GmbH, BRANDHOFF OBERMÜLLER PARTNER, Solarpraxis AG, BayWa r.e. renewable energy GmbH, Emons Logistik GmbH, Elin Inc.

Promoting sustainable development and creating long-term perspectives

The refugee camp Mam Rashan situated in northern Iraq, 75 kilometers from Mossul is a temporary home to many people seeking refuge. In cooperation with the federal state Baden-Württemberg atmosfair took action by finding solutions for the provision of electricity. Power generation through solar energy is the basis for a renewable and stable supply here. The potential for solar energy in Iraq is high, resulting in a PV-system being a good ecological alternative for emission-free energy. Qualified know-how combined with an intelligent energy management enables a good balance between the energy supply- and demand-side and prevents power failure.


Since 2014 Iraq is fighting the terrorist army “Islamic state” (IS). Families continue to flee from fights and violence and are forced to leave their home and belongings behind. The fleeing people search for a safe place to live. Millions of people already left Iraq, Syria and Iran seeking a peaceful life without the threating fear of war and terror. Supported by the government, districts, the UN, NGO’s and private donors refugee camps were constructed all over the country to offer a temporary home to people. Mam Rashan is one of those 27 camps especially for internally displaced people (IDPs), situated in the district Dohuk. About 8500 people in approximately 1800 caravans are currently calling the Mam Rashan camp their home. Container with basic equipment were put up thanks to donations. Furthermore, two schools, a hospital, a football field and a trauma center were built in order to provide health, education and facilities. Before atmosfair started supporting the camp in 2018, it was supplied with energy mainly by night and electricity for cooking, cooling or operating other electric devices was missing during the day.

Therefore, atmosfair established the project “Energy for Mam Rashan” and aims to take action towards two major challenges: On the one hand a permanent energy supply, and on the other hand the generation of employment possibilities in order to create more opportunities and a promising future.

New energy for a brighter future

The national grid in Mam Rashan supplies the inhabitants with electricity for an average of only about 4 hours per day during the day. Temperatures of up to 48°C are no longer uncommon in the region. But without electricity neither the refrigerators nor the fans work.

Through the SEZ, the state of Baden-Württemberg, together with atmosfair, financed the gradual installation of a 980 kWp photovoltaic system and a 660 kWh lithium-ion battery storage from 2018 to 2020 as well as the construction of a new parallel distribution network. This so-called “solar mini-grid” system will ensure a continuous power supply for the inhabitants – day and night! The climate-friendly electricity not only helps people in their everyday lives, but also benefits the environment, as it reduces the burning of fossil fuels and ensures a reliable and sustainable long-term energy supply.

Many other local aid organizations have become aware of the plant and will now be able to build on the collected know-how to supply other refugee camps in the region with clean electricity.

Improving quality of life

Within the project, jobs and training opportunities are created that relate to the installation and configuration of the system as well as the maintenance of the plant. Furthermore, the energy consumption is reduced by energy-saving measures and “awareness-training sessions” for the people living in the camp. For this purpose two “energy-scouts” were trained, which will explain issues such as sustainability and environment protection measures to the households within the camp.

Our partner

The project is supported by the federal state Baden-Württemberg through SEZ. The foundation promotes civil society initiatives and their projects in the context of development cooperation. Within the framework of these projects the goal is to raise public awareness in the state and throughout Germany regarding sustainable development cooperation. atmosfair is thankful for a productive cooperation.

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