In many developing countries, the poor spend a significant share of their income on energy. atmosfair promotes technologies that will greatly improve energy efficiency on the consumer side. This also leads to cost savings, which directly benefit the poor.

CDM Gold Standard projects

Nigeria: Efficient cookstoves

Efficient fuel wood stoves save up to 80% of energy and lowering the fuel wood consumption …

Lesotho: Efficient Cookstoves

Status: Operation (Phase III) Efficient fuel wood stoves result in less felled timber, halted erosion, and a reduced health risk…

Rwanda: Efficient cookstoves

Status: Operation (Phase III) The use of efficient fuel wood stoves in Kigali saves up to 80% of charcoal and wood…

India: efficient wood gas stoves

Status: operation(Phase III) Mangrove forest and climate protection through usage of gas wood stoves ....

Ethiopia: Efficient Cookstoves

Status: Operation (Phase III) The Mirt Stove was especially designed to align efficient combustion with lokal cooking habits.

Pilot Projects

Malawi: Electric cooking for rural households

Inefficient cooking with biomass is one of the main drivers of deforestation in Malawi. This project enables rural households to switch to climate-friendly cooking with renewable electricity.