CDM Gold Standard projects

Nigeria: Efficient cookstoves

Efficient fuel wood stoves save up to 80% of energy and lowering the fuel wood consumption …

Lesotho: Efficient Cookstoves

Status: Operation (Phase III) Efficient fuel wood stoves result in less felled timber, halted erosion, and a reduced health risk…

Rwanda: Efficient cookstoves

Status: Operation (Phase III) The use of efficient fuel wood stoves in Kigali saves up to 80% of charcoal and wood…

India: efficient wood gas stoves

Status: operation (Phase III) Mangrove forest and climate protection through usage of gas wood stoves.

Pilot Projects

Malawi: Electric cooking for rural households

Inefficient cooking with biomass is one of the main drivers of deforestation in Malawi. This project enables rural households to switch to climate-friendly cooking with renewable electricity.