Total savings :31,000 tonnes of CO₂ per year
Technology transfer :Efficient firewood stoves that can save 80 % of energy
Local environment :Reduction in indoor air pollution and deforestation
Further advantages :Fewer expenses for household energy
Project partners :DARE (Developmental Association for Renewable Energies, Nigeria), LHL (Lernen Helfen Leben e.V., German association), BIA (BI Alliance Company Ltd.)

High consumption of expensive firewood

About 75 % of the families in Nigeria still use three stone fires and firewood for daily cooking. In northern Nigeria the percentage is even up to 99% of the families. One family with 7 persons needs about 5 tons of firewood per year. This enormous need of firewood has led to almost complete deforestation and increasing deforestation especially in the poor northern parts of the country. Firewood is thus scarce in northern Nigeria. Wood must be transported from southern Nigeria by truck and trains and is so expensive that energy costs about 10 times more than food (in Europe they are about equal in cost).

Firewood is piled along national service roads. The increase in logging for the purpose of daily cooking is leading to desertification, rural exodus and rising living expenses.

Saving Energy and Money with efficient cookstoves

Fuel efficient cookstoves are one of the solutions to that problem, since they use about 80% less firewood. At the same time, the combustion in those stoves is much cleaner. This is a crucial asset especially for women and children because their eyes and lungs have been suffering from the smoke produced by the traditional stoves. Another advantage of these stoves is that they are working night and day and families do not have to change their cooking habits. Together these benefits do explain the high demand for cookstoves in Nigeria and assure the use of the stoves.

In our project in Nigeria several types of cookstoves are currently in operation. Although the technology and the material are delivered from Germany and the USA, our project partners organize and carry out the assemblage and the distribution of the cookstoves all over the country. Your donations are used to lower the end user price for the efficient cookstoves in a way that also poorer families can afford one. For most of the families the efficient cookstove already pays off after a few months, due to the enormous savings of firewood.

The stoves arrive in Nigeria in pieces and are assembled there.

Our partners

Our project partners use the income from the stove sales to organize presentations where the cookstoves and their effects on deforestation and climate change are explained, for customer service and for the expansion of the sales activities. Such cookstove demonstrations and the customer service are especially important, because people often do not believe that it is possible to cook with such little amount of wood. Often people still overfill the stove when they are cooking at home. For that reason cookstove demonstrations always also include a real cooking session, to convince men and especially the women of Nigeria.

Since 2011 atmosfair also registered the project as a programmatic CDM Project in order to continue the successful cooperation with the project partners and to be able to comply with the high demand for efficient cookstoves in Nigeria. Together with atmosfair the German organisation Lernen-Helfen-Leben, which was founded by former development workers, supports the Nigerian partner organization DARE, especially regarding marketing and distribution of the stoves. Our common long-term aim is to shift the production of the efficient cookstoves to Nigeria.

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