Total savings :The CO2 savings will not be taken into account
Technology transfer :Small biogas systems, solar panels, solar water heating systems, efficient stoves
Further advantages :Rebuilding the energy supply after the earthquake; improving living conditions in the emergency shelters as well as the learning and treatment conditions in schools and health clinics; reviving tourism and with it, the resulting sources of income
Target group :Schools, health clinics, lodges, and private households with priority given to the Langtang region northeast of Kathmandu
Project partners :forum anders reisen, local tour agencies, local NGOs

Solar energy and stoves for emergency shelters

After the devastating earthquakes in April and May of this year in Nepal, atmosfair has supported the rebuilding of schools, health clinics, the touristic infrastructure, and private households with renewable energies. As required onsite, people will use solar panels for electricity, biogas systems and efficient stoves for cooking, and solar power systems for warm water. Tens of thousands of people have lost their homes and must hold out in temporary shelters at least until the end of the monsoon season because only then can they begin to rebuild their houses. The popular trekking area northeast of Kathmandu was especially hard hit by the quake, and some villages were completely destroyed. Many people whose livelihood depended on tourism have lost everything.

With your donation, atmosfair would like to finance both emergency aide efforts in the emergency shelters with mobile energy sources and the long-term overhaul of the energy supply in the Langtang region and other villages in the Sundhupalchok district using renewable energies. atmosfair is leading this project together with forum anders reisen and existing project partners onsite. This guarantees that help arrives in a timely and useful way.

Goal: To support the reconstruction of Nepal’s energy sources using technologies that are low in CO2 and use resources efficiently.


Financial support and logistical deployment of renewable energy systems in order to cover inhabitants’ basic needs (electricity, light, warm water, cooking).

atmosfair’s climate protection campaign “New Energy Sources for Nepal” rests on three pillars:

1. Emergency aid through the distribution of solar home systems and efficient stoves: atmosfair and its partners are currently performing a local needs assessment. Families in temporary shelters receive solar lamps, solar home systems for light and electricity, and/or efficient stoves for cooking. Partners onsite are available to distribute the systems and to train the families.

2. Repair of damaged small biogas systems: Around 22.000 small biogas systems in the existing atmosfair biogas project were damaged by the quake. Together with local construction companies, atmosfair plans to repair the systems after the monsoon season ends to provide families with reliable energy for heating and cooking.

3. Reconstruction and electrification of villages that were completely destroyed: Destroyed villages in the Langtang region and other areas in the Sindhupalchok district will be rebuilt together with local partners. For this, various renewable energy technologies will be used that will cover the locals’ long-term energy needs. atmosfair is supporting access to renewable energies for around 200 households as well as for schools and health clinics. Touristic establishments such as lodges and teahouses along the trekking trails will be able to purchase or repair solar panels, biogas systems, and warm water heaters at discounted prices.

How can I support the "new energy sources for Nepal" climate protection campaign?

Even two years after the earthquakes in 2015, Nepalese families are still cooking on open, smoky fires. You can help to provide emergency aide by donating now to This will finance the repair of 56 biogas plants for the victims of the earthquakes in Nepal.

You can also donate an amount of your choosing by bank transfer to our bank account:

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Reason for payment: “New Energy Sources Nepal“

In order to obtain a donation receipt for donations over 200 €, please send a short e-mail to us at containing the following:

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You can also call us directly at +49 (0)30 120 84 80-0

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