Total savings :The CO2 savings will not be taken into account
Technology transfer :Small biogas systems, solar panels, solar water heating systems, efficient stoves
Further advantages :Rebuilding the energy supply after the earthquake; improving living conditions in the emergency shelters as well as the learning and treatment conditions in schools and health clinics; reviving tourism and with it, the resulting sources of income
Target group :Schools, health clinics, lodges, and private households with priority given to the Langtang region northeast of Kathmandu
Project partners :forum anders reisen, local tour agencies, local NGOs

From earthquake to reconstruction

Since the devastating earthquakes in Nepal in April and May 2015, atmosfair has supported the reconstruction of schools, health stations, tourist infrastructures and private households with renewable energies. Depending on local needs, solar panels for electricity, biogas plants and efficient stoves for cooking as well as solar thermal systems were financed and distributed. Tens of thousands of people had lost their homes at that time and had to hold out in temporary shelters at least until the end of the monsoon season, because only then could the reconstruction of the houses begin. The popular trekking area of Langtang, north-east of Kathmandu, was particularly badly affected by the quakes and many villages there were completely destroyed. The people, whose livelihood was and is tourism, have lost everything.

Today, atmosfair would like to use your donation to finance the longer-term rehabilitation of the energy supply in the Langtang and Helambu area through renewable energies. The aim is to support the energy reconstruction of Nepal through low-carbon and resource-efficient technologies.

atmosfair is carrying out this project together with forum anders reisen, numerous local project partners and a project manager specially commissioned for the project, Bimal B.K. This guarantees that the aid arrives quickly and practically.

Measures of the campaign „New Energy for Nepal“

We offer financial support and logistical provision of renewable energy systems to meet the basic needs (electricity, light, hot water, cooking) of the residents.

The “New Energy for Nepal” campaign is based on three pillars:

1. Emergency aid through the distribution of household solar systems (solar home systems) and efficient stoves: This provided light, electricity and cooking facilities to families, schools and health stations that were still housed in temporary shelters at the time.

2. Repair of damaged small-scale biogas plants: In the existing atmosfair biogas project, approximately 22,000 small-scale biogas plants were damaged by the earthquakes. atmosfair therefore supports the non-governmental organization Biogas Sector Partnership (BSP-Nepal), which repairs the defective biogas plants in cooperation with local construction companies. To date, almost 500 plants have been repaired thanks to our support. Thus, the families living there have access to reliable energy for heating and cooking again. In the future, atmosfair will continue its commitment to repairing broken biogas plants.

3. Climate Trek Nepal: Reconstruction and equipment with renewable energies: In the Helambu region, only about 30km north of Kathmandu, atmosfair has created the first climate-friendly trekking trail in Nepal, the “Climate Trek Nepal”. In a total of seven villages along the trekking route, we built the first climate-friendly trekking trail in cooperation with the UKAID-funded poverty alleviation program Samarth, as well as local travel agencies in Nepal. Part of this: the earthquake-proof architecture of the lodges, as well as environmental and service standards. atmosfair equipped the partner lodges with, for example, solar panels, biogas plants and solar water heaters. The Climate Trek in Helambu was successfully opened in autumn 2018. We are now implementing the successful concept a second time, namely in the Langtang region, which is located a little further north and was also severely affected by the earthquakes.
You can find out more on our Climate Trek Nepal website and blog.

How can I help?

Today atmosfair is still repairing biogas plants and we also need your support for the implementation of the second climate-friendly trekking trail.
Simply transfer your desired donation amount to our bank account:

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Intended use „New Energy Nepal“

For donations of less than 200€, no donation receipt is required for the tax office, but it is sufficient to present the corresponding bank statement. If you would still like a donation receipt, please send us a short e-mail to with the following content:

• Subject: “Last name, first name, New Energy Nepal”.
• Text: Your full name, postal address, name of your bank, donation amount and transfer date.

You can also call us directly: (030) 120 84 80-0
Thank you for your support!

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