Total savings :This project will not be CDM or Gold Standard certified
Technology transfer :Generation of clean energy by a solar system in combination with vegetable cultivation
Local environment :Hotel operations will be supplied with solar energy
Further advantages :ecological food production with exemplary character
Project partners :forum anders reisen, SUNFarming GmbH

Greenhouses supply electricity and provide shade

In the south of the island of Corfu in the village of Marathias, atmosfair has enabled the operation of a solar greenhouse on the grounds of the family hotel Villa KaliMeera. The installed solar modules have an installed capacity of 12 kWp. In addition to the cultivation of vegetables, the greenhouse serves the hotel as a clean source of electricity and it can be used by the hotel guests as a shadow and rest area on 100 m² with hammocks between fruit and vegetable plants.

Modern drip irrigation system using solar energy

The construction of the solar greenhouse consists of elevated module tables, which are covered with double glass solar modules. The spaces in between are closed with trapezoidal light tape. This protects the crops from direct sunlight and heavy rain. A water-saving drip irrigation system is installed in the greenhouse, which can be used to irrigate tomatoes and cucumbers as well as other local crops with minimum water consumption. The fruits and vegetables produced can be picked by the hotel guests as fresh snacks.

Our technology partner

SUNFarming GmbH is a builder and operator of solar plants in Europe and Africa. The company develops and implements greenhouses that combine solar energy with regional food production. The local team of SUNFarming successfully commissioned the plant in Marathias in April 2021.

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