95 % for climate protection projects

atmosfair has committed to ensuring transparent and efficient use of donations. Therefore, we adhere to a clear 90:10 rule: Never more than 10% of our revenue is used for administration, while at least 90% goes directly into supporting our climate protection projects. In fact, in recent years, we have reduced our administrative costs to about 5%, so that approximately €95 out of every €100 donated directly benefits climate protection. This efficiency is also reflected in our holding of the DZI Donation Seal. The German Central Institute for Social Issues in Berlin awards this seal to non-profit organizations after extensive and independent evaluation. The DZI assesses effective and economical use of funds, good organizational management, fair fundraising practices, appropriate compensation, and transparency of non-profit organizations. Since 2020, atmosfair has been awarded the DZI Donation Seal, confirming our particularly low administrative cost ratio.

Learn more on the DZI website!

5 % for customer service, public relations and administration

Approximately 5% of atmosfair’s revenue is used for customer service, public relations, and administration, particularly for:

  • Personnel costs
  • Material costs in the area of public relations
  • IT: Maintenance and expansion of the emissions calculator and website
  • Preparation of annual reports, informational materials, and brochures
  • Credit card fees, financial statement audits, depreciation
  • Rent and telecommunications
  • Travel expenses

Atmosfair does not allocate funds for commercial advertising such as print ads, Google Ads, etc., and consciously refrains from using promotion teams in pedestrian zones, etc.

If you would like more information about our administrative expenses, please have a look at our annual reports.