95 % for climate protection projects

2021, atmosfair allocated a total of approximately 95 % of its revenues to carbon-offset projects.


5 % for customer service, public relations and administration

atmosfair did not receive any public funding in 2021. The only revenue from public institutions in 2021 was gained by atmosfair through participation in tenders for CO₂ compensation of business trips of the German and Swiss federal governments. In 2021, approximately 5% of revenue was used for customer service, public relations and administration:

  • Maintenance and expansion of the emissions calculator and the website
  • Preparation of annual reports, information materials and brochures
  • Credit card fees, audit of financial statements, depreciation
  • Rent and telecommunications

atmosfair does not spend money on commercial advertising such as print ads, Google Ads etc. and deliberately refrains from promotion teams in pedestrian zones etc.

If you would like more information about our administrative expenses, please have a look at our annual report.