atmosfair follows the voluntary commitment to the Transparent Civil Society Initiative (Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft) and discloses the following information in accordance with their guidelines:



1. Name, headquarters, address, year of founding and year established


2. Statutes and declaration of the goals of our organisation


3. Information on tax concessions

According to the last exemption assessment of the Tax Office for Corporations I Berlin of 31.08.2021 according to § 5 Abs. 1 Nr. 9 KStG, the atmosfair gGmbH (tax number: 27/611/03222) is exempt from corporate taxes as well as from license taxes according to § 3 Nr. 6 of GewStG.


4. Names and roles of key decision-makers

to the annual report 2020 (p. 50)


5. Activity report

to the annual report 2020  (p. 18 ff)


6. Personnel structure

to the annual report 2020  (p. 42 ff) / atmosfair team


7. Information on the source of funds

to the annual report 2020  (p. 47)


8. Information on the allocation of funds

to the annual report 2020  (p. 47)


9. Corporate affiliations with third parties

Besides the affiliation with the two shareholders, the German civil law foundation Stiftung Zukunftsfähigkeit located in Bonn and Dr. Dietrich Brockhagen, there are no corporate affiliations with third parties.


10. Names of legal or private persons whose yearly payments constitute more than 10% of the total budget.

None of the payments to our organisation made in 2020 by legal or private persons constitutes more than 10% of our total budget (see annual report 2020 , p. 42).