Earlier this year, atmosfair installed four newly developed electric cooking kettles with a capacity of 170 liters each and a power of 9 kW at the Magnificat School in Sanya Juu, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania. These modern cooking kettles provide sufficient capacity and, for the first time, enabled solar electric cooking for all 640 students of the school, in conjunction with the 64 kWp photovoltaic system already installed by atmosfair.

Four newly developed 170-liter cooking kettles.

In February 2024, atmosfair employees Zoltán Müller-Karpe and Prosper Magali from atmosfair’s project partner WUL visited the school to ensure that the cooking kettles were functioning as planned. Cook Alex was able to prepare uji, a thin maize porridge served for breakfast, in the cooking kettles without any issues. Furthermore, beans and rice for all 640 students could be cooked together in two cooking kettles within approximately 3 hours.


In the kettles, porridge, beans, maize porridge, and other meals can be prepared in large quantities.

The installed battery capacity of the solar system has proven to be sufficient to cover the school’s nighttime electricity needs even during grid power outages. Therefore, the faulty diesel generator remains out of operation. However, atmosfair plans to double the battery capacity to handle the peak power demand of all electric cooking kettles, especially during the morning hours, and ensure the possibility of solar electric cooking at all times.