CO₂ reports for your clients

The CO₂-reporting of business travel has gained significant importance in recent years. In collaboration with the Association of German Travel Management (VDR), atmosfair has developed the VDR standard ‘CO₂ Calculation Business Travel.’ This standard makes the CO₂ emissions from business travel comparable and highlights initial reduction potentials. It covers the entire spectrum of business travel (flight, hotel, rental cars, train, and meetings) while meeting  requirements for global applicability, minimum accuracy, comparability, and independence.

If you wish to create CO₂ reports for your clients according to the VDR standard, atmosfair offers you the following two options:

1. Integration with atmosfair through an interface

With this, we offer you an exceptionally simple solution: You consolidate the travel data of your clients and send it via the interface to the atmosfair reporting system. The necessary travel data and their formats can be found in this sample file. The atmosfair reporting system handles the CO₂ calculation and automatically sends you the results. All reports comply with the VDR standard. Therefore, you can offer CO₂ reports to your clients without any additional effort on your part.

The reporting products from atmosfair for your clients include:

  • A PDF presentation featuring data on total and partial emissions, differentiated by service providers in the form of tables and graphics, top city pairs, distance details, and various other facts. This presentation is formatted in a way that allows your clients to identify initial CO₂ reduction potentials within their business travels.
  • An Excel spreadsheet with all results presented individually. This enables your clients to conduct a detailed analysis, which they can generate on their own.

    atmosfair charges fees for this service, aligning with standard rates in the reporting market. There is an annual base fee, as well as fees per report based on the scope and quantity. With this approach, we can customize the reporting products to match the look and feel of your travel agency’s corporate identity. Additionally, we can accommodate any specific features desired by your clients.

    2. Access to the reporting tool

    CO₂ Sample Report:

    CO₂ offset for your clients

    Every business trip contributes to climate change, but not all trips can be avoided or their CO₂ emissions saved. Offer your clients an attractive opportunity to still contribute to climate protection: the offset of CO₂ emissions from their business trips through high-quality atmosfair climate protection projects. Offsetting also provides the opportunity to achieve and maintain a defined CO₂ reduction target at a specific time. All atmosfair climate protection projects have a tangible benefit for the local population and environment, making them suitable for both internal and external communication.

    Benefits for your clients:

    • Reduction of the CO₂ footprint
    • High standards in project selection and control
    • Active communication to the target audience possible
    • Support for global climate protection
    • Donations are tax-deductible in Germany
    • No costs for CO₂ reporting with compensation

    Your benefits:

    • Attractive climate protection offer for environmentally conscious clients
    • Competitive advantages through a pioneering role in climate protection
    • Acquisition of new customers through a sustainable offering

    How it works:

    • Option 1: You provide atmosfair with the travel data of your clients at regular intervals (e.g., annually). atmosfair calculates the CO₂ emissions and the climate protection contribution, and invoices it to your clients.
    • Option 2: Through the atmosfair web service, you integrate CO₂ calculation and compensation into your booking tool or your clients’ booking tool. CO₂ offset can then be automatically included with every travel booking.

    In either case, your clients receive a certificate for their offset, visual materials for communication (as needed), and a donation receipt.

    atmosfair’s high-quality climate protection projects:

    atmosfair develops projects in the areas of ‘Renewable Energy’ and ‘Energy Efficiency’ in developing countries to offset the greenhouse gases produced. By compensating for your company’s emissions, you support the development of these climate protection projects and contribute to significantly improving the living conditions of the affected population. The benefits and implementation of the projects are reviewed annually by independent experts. atmosfair only supports projects certified by the CDM Gold Standard.

    • Transparency: Projects registered with the UN
    • Only projects in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors
    • All projects have additional local benefits
    • Project development with experienced partner organizations on-site
    • Annual verification of greenhouse gas savings by independent experts.
    Project Example: The efficient stove 'Save 80' in Nigeria saves 80% of the previously required firewood and helps reduce emissions and deforestation.

    You can find an overview of all atmosfair projects here.


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