CO₂ Reporting

Especially for companies in the tertiary sector, business travel can quickly become the primary component of the emissions balance. Therefore, it is crucial to capture business travel emissions in a reliable and high-quality manner.

atmosfair offers companies the automated reporting of CO₂ emissions from business travel activities. This is particularly important for companies aiming to meet the current requirements of customers, investors, or rating agencies for their location or sustainability reports.

In collaboration with the German Business Travel Association (VDR), atmosfair has developed the VDR standard ‘CO₂ Calculation Business Travel’. This standard covers the entire spectrum of business travel (flight, hotel, rental cars, train, and meetings) and meets requirements for global applicability, minimum accuracy, comparability, and independence. It is precise enough to capture CO₂ reduction potentials and changes in the company’s travel policy, such as hotel and flight classes. Companies that create their CO₂ reports according to this standard are entitled to use the addition ‘created according to the VDR standard’ including the VDR logo.

VDR Methodology

The VDR standard ‘CO₂ Calculation Business Travel’ provides a guiding methodology to create reports that balance the CO₂ emissions from a company’s business travels for a specific period.

There are four paths through which your company can obtain a VDR-certified CO₂ business travel report:

1. Create it Yourself: For this, you essentially need the VDR standard methodology, your business travel data, and detailed CO₂ emission factors. You can find the VDR method for download here.

2. Through travel agencies, credit cards, and other service providers: If creating CO₂ reports seems too complex, inquire with your travel agency, travel credit card provider, or other providers who have access to your travel data. These providers may be able to create the CO₂ report according to the VDR standard directly for you, eliminating the effort on your part. Information on how you, as a travel organizer or travel credit card provider, can offer CO₂ reports according to VDR and other international standards, as well as CO₂ compensation through atmosfair, can be found here.

3. Through SAP Travel Expense Management: The CO₂ Companion offers a seamless, comprehensive, and highly integrated technical solution for all companies using SAP technology for their travel expense management. It can be easily integrated into existing SAP travel planning and expense management. More information can be found here.

4. Through atmosfair: atmosfair offers the creation of CO₂ reports according to the VDR standard. Corporate customers receive a detailed evaluation from atmosfair in the form of a PDF report and an Excel table with detailed information on individual data sets. We also provide companies with detailed analyses, such as your most frequently flown routes, which can help you not only save CO₂ but often money as well. If you have specific requirements, we are happy to create tailored reports for your company.

Example Report

      CO₂ Offset

      Every business trip contributes to climate change. However, not all trips can be avoided, and the CO₂ emissions saved. Nevertheless, you can make an active contribution to climate protection: atmosfair offers you the opportunity to coffset the emissions of your business trips through high-quality climate protection projects. Offsetting also provides the opportunity to achieve and maintain a defined CO₂ reduction target at a specific time. All atmosfair climate protection projects have a tangible benefit for the local population and the environment, making them suitable for both internal and external communication.

      Your Benefits:

      • Reduction of the CO₂ footprint
      • High standards in project selection and control
      • Active communication to the target audience possible
      • Support for global climate protection
      • Donations are tax-deductible in Germany
      • No costs for CO₂ reporting with compensation

      How it works:

      Option 1: You provide atmosfair with your travel data at regular intervals, preferably through your corporate travel agency. atmosfair calculates the CO₂ emissions and your climate protection contribution, and invoices you for it.

      Option 2: You receive your own account from atmosfair, through which your employees can log in and enter their travels. You can then independently calculate and compensate for the emissions and climate protection contribution of all entered trips at any time.

      In either case, you will receive a certificate for your compensation, visual materials for communication (as needed), and a donation receipt.

      atmosfair’s high-quality climate protection projects:

      Atmosfair develops projects in the areas of ‘Renewable Energy’ and ‘Energy Efficiency’ in developing countries to offset the greenhouse gases produced. By offsetting your company’s emissions, you support the development of these climate protection projects and make a significant contribution to improving the living conditions of the affected population. The benefits and implementation of the projects are annually reviewed by independent experts. Thus, atmosfair only supports projects certified by the CDM Gold Standard.

      • Transparency: Projects registered with the UN
      • Only projects in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors
      • All projects have additional local benefits
      • Project development with experienced partner organizations on-site
      • Annual verification of greenhouse gas savings by independent experts
      Project Example: The efficient stove 'Save 80' in Nigeria saves 80% of the previously required firewood and helps reduce emissions and deforestation.

      You can find an overview of all atmosfair projects here.


      Despite its crucial role in financing climate protection projects, offsetting is not always meaningful. Information about when offsetting makes sense can be found here.

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