Offer CO₂ Offset to your Clients

The integration of atmosfair’s  CO₂ offset into the booking processes of airlines and travel providers consititutes an ideal solution to give customers the opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of their travels. atmosfair takes on the emission calculations and provides various options for seamlessly integrating the offset of travel emissions into the booking process.

Why offset CO₂ with atmosfair?

  • Appeal to climate-conscious customers: An increasing number of travelers is interested in offseting the CO₂ emissions generated by their travels. Offer your customers the opportunity to actively contribute to reducing their carbon footprint and set yourself apart positively from the competition.
  • Pioneering role in climate protection: By providing CO₂ offset with atmosfair, you showcase your commitment to sustainable travel, which can positively impact your corporate image.
  • Simple implementation: We support you in integration and are available to answer any questions. Make CO₂ offset an integral part of your offerings.

High-quality climate protection projects

atmosfair develops projects in the “Renewable Energies” and “Energy Efficiency” sectors in Global South countries to offset generated greenhouse gases. By offseting their travel emissions, your customers support the development of these climate protection projects and contribute significantly to improving the living conditions of the affected populations. The benefits and implementation of the projects are annually reviewed by independent experts. Thus, atmosfair only supports projects certified by the CDM Gold Standard.

  • Transparency: Projects registered with the UN
  • Only projects in the renewable energies and energy efficiency sector
  • All projects with additional local benefits
  • Project development with experienced local partner organizations
  • Annual verification of greenhouse gas savings by independent experts

An overview of all atmosfair projects can be found here.

Project Example: The efficient stove 'Save 80' in Nigeria saves 80% of the previously required firewood and helps reduce emissions and deforestation.

Seamless integration for airlines and tour operators

The implementation of our CO₂ offset into your booking processes is remarkably easy. Whether through technical integration into booking systems, pricing inclusion, or escrow handling – we provide flexible solutions that seamlessly integrate into your business operations.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or if you are interested in offering CO₂ offset to your customers!

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