Thanks to the CO2 compensations of FlixBus customers, atmosfair bought a “do-it-yourself” cargo bike from the company xyz-cargo last year. In their spare time, three of our employees equipped it with a solar roof that protects against sun and rain. The built-in solar module can fully charge the battery within three hours in good weather, and enables an electric range of about 30 km. Hereby, atmosfair would like to make the transport turnaround a tangible experience and show what the mobility of the future could look like: sustainable, open source and full of driving pleasure!

We have now put Solvej to the test for over a year: our workshop manager Bernhard Ellmann has used it for any material transports within Berlin. No matter if Euro pallets, steel sheets or couches, Solvej was able to transport any load through the Berlin traffic chaos with 100% renewable energy.

On Wednesday 18/08/2021, our colleague Alexandre Zavisic officially handed over the solar cargo bike to Ludger Lemper, board member of the Berlin neighbourhood organisation “Kulturmarkthalle e.V.”. We wish the Kulturmarkthalle lots of fun with Solvej in the future!


atmosfair employee Alexandre Zavisic explains to curious European students of the EVOLVE program at KMH exactly how the solar cargo bike works.



Official handover of the keys to Ludger Lemper, Chairman of "Kulturmarkthalle e.V.