Are you the next energy-saving-master?

Creative minds for creative solutions for energy-related questions are needed!

The winning project of the competition will be selected country-wide out of all participating schools. Apply now until the 15th of April 2018 and get your chance to win prices of a total value of 50,000 euros!

No matter how unusual your project ideas are, they will all be welcomed at the competition. atmosfair is one of the godfathers of the competition and delivers the winning price, as well as the promotion of the state Saarland. The organisation lies in the hands of the non-profit organisation co2online, which is supported by the governmental campaign “Mein Klimaschutz” and rewards the best projects in the field of “climate protection”.

The competition is free to join for everyone who wants to contribute an idea! Teachers, groups of students or even whole classes. Sustainability, creativity and communication are the three categories in which your project will be evaluated. If you set up the winning project of your state, you can collect your price at a weekend at the official award ceremony in the ministry of environment in Berlin. You can get an overview of all the winning projects from previous years, if you visit the following page:

The competition, now already taking place for the tenth time, looks back at a little tradition, where many interesting projects competed against each other. “Whether recycling theatre, classrooms made of canvas or an energy-saving representative for a school, each year are stunning results presented to us!” says Steffi Saueracker, project manager of the programm.

Each winner of one of the 16 german states wins the price money of 2,500 euros and additionally has the chance of winning another 2,500 euros via internet voting in a nationwide contest afterwards. The price shall be seen as a reward for climate engagement of the schools, because the infrastructure of schools with their many rooms and high floors create enormous demands of energy. Efficient heating periods can save a middle-sized school an amount of 25,000 euros of energy costs yearly, according to Thomas-Arps Aubert, teacher at the school for professions Uferstrasse in Hamburg.

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