With the project “energy for Mam Rashan” atmosfair wants to address the lacking energy supply for the refugee camp with renewable energy and subsequently wants to contribute to the improvement of the standard of life. In cooperation with the Stiftung für Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit (SEZ) and the federal state Baden-Württemberg a 300 kWp photovoltaic system with an included battery storage device is about to be installed. On the basis of donations the system is supposed to be expanded with the goal of a total energy coverage.

The critical political situation caused by the state of war with the terrorist army Islamic state (IS) and further intern conflicts caused a wave of refugees. The permanent oppression and the fear of terror forces families to leave their home and belonging behind, looking for refuge in camps. Currently 2.3 million refugees are living in the Kurdish autonomous region – 230.000 are form Syria, the rest are internally displaced people coming from different Iraqi regions. The refugee camp Mam Rashan in the Dohuk District in northern Iraq is home to 10.000 refugees at the moment. Different facilities and the provision with basic supplies are supposed to guarantee a stable life in transit.

Unfortunately there is a lack of energy supply at day time to appropriate temperate the living containers. At the moment the camp is only provided with energy at night through the public grid. atmosfair wants to improve the energy supply with a renewable energy source and thereby contribute to a better liveability. Together with the SEZ and the federate state Baden-Württemberg the photovoltaic system should be installed and be developed throughout donations.

Through the photovoltaic system the camp provided by 20% with a total energy supply by day time. The installation is equipped with a battery storage device, to prevent ups and downs caused by solar irradiance. Trained energy-scouts should teach the inhabitants an efficient use of the provided energy source. The planning, installation and maintenance will furthermore lead to new job opportunities for refugees inside the camp. The commission for main suppliers has started during the first project phase and a few companies assured materials and services, More here.

In spring 2018 the installation is supposed to start and should be continuously expanded, to provide a 100% sustainable supply on the long run. In this context the inhabitants of the Mam Rashan camp, atmosfair and the environment are delighted about any kind of donation. Owing to our project partner SEZ, suppliers and large donator of materials and services and private donators the project is to be realized. Thank you very much in advance and please continue supporting climate protection and people in need.