atmosfair is partnering with the cargo bike share organization fLotte to support the Berlin Foodbank association in the current corona crisis. Our colleagues are helping the the Martin Luther parish in Berlin’s Kreuzberg District with climate-friendly delivery of groceries to about 50 vulnerable househoulds.

In Berlin, 42 out of 45 food bank dispensation locations have had to close in order to proctect their mostly elderly volunteers . End of March, the dispensation offices started registering demand for food by phone. But helping hands and vehicles for delivery are lacking. atmosfair is now supporting the dispensation points in Fuldastrasse and Oranienstrasse. Along with other volunteers, our colleagues are planning delivery routes and bringing the groceries to recipients every Wednesday.

atmosfair staff load bags of groceries for delivery into cargo bikes

We would like to thank the German Bicycle Association’s fLotte Berlin service, which is providing two cargo bikes to atmosfair to support food delivery, free of charge. The cargo bike initiative normally offers all Berliners a cost-free option to use cargo bikes, which are now being deployed for a number of corona-related aid programs.

Delivering groceries to almost 50 households