It has already been 5 years since the devastating earthquake happened in Nepal. Our Climate Trek Helambu established itself as a big success for the region north of Nepal’s capital Kathmandu. Director Sebastian Schultz and cameraman Patrick Sertore visited the Climate Trek for us and captured it in beautiful shots.

But what exactly distinguishes this trek from all of the others in Nepal? It is the warm water used to wash your hands which is heated by the sun. It is the LED light for reading in the evening which is fed by solar energy. It is the prepared food cooked on an efficient cook stove. The list of special features goes on and on. During their hike travellers spend seven nights in environmentally friendly lodges, which all look different but have a lot in common, as they meet a number of environmental standards.

But one of the eleven lodges has set new standards: The Yangrima Ecolodge. Its Owner, Gopal Lama, envisioned a climate friendly overall concept. The Yangrima Ecolodge was built with natural materials, including hempcrete, a building material with a positive CO2-balance. The lodge has its own vegetable garden, recycles the shower water and avoids plastic waste. Since this model lodge is unique, Gopal Lama has the most say in our video.

After the devastating earthquakes in spring 2015, atmosfair developed and implemented the Climate Trek for more than 3 years. We worked closely with forum anders reisen and especially with its member Hauser Exkursionen. In the end, eleven lodges, two schools, two health posts and an educational project on environmental protection became part of this project.

Watch and get your own impression of the exciting history and future of the Climate Trek Nepal and get to know lodge owner Gopal Lama and atmosfairs project manager Bimal B.K!