Scientific studies

In this section you find academic reports about flying and climate.
Feasibility of CDM funding for household and community level projects

Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF) and atmosfair

atmosfair has prepared a study on household projects based on CDM guidelines. The document contains practical guidelines for the implementation of CDM projects on the household level which may be helpful for partner institutions that are interested in developing projects together with atmosfair.

Growth Scenarios for EU & UK Aviation

Tyndall Centre for Climate Change

This study, initiated by the Friends of the Earth Trust Ltd., further describes the developments in air traffic and shows how it is necessary to reduce emissions.

European Conference on Aviation, Atmosphere and Climate (AAC)

European Commission

The documentation of a conference, arranged by the European Commission in Friedrichshafen, in June 2003. The topics covered were jet engines, exhaust fumes, chemical processes, particles and clouds, and reducing impacts.