Start of the solar project in Lesotho

After initiating a stove project in Lesotho 2011, atmosfair is now implementing a new project in the country. The new project aims on distributing solar lights and solar home systems in the rural areas of Lesotho.

A major part of Lesotho’s population lives in the countryside and does not have access to the public grid. Therefore, the people in those regions rely on traditional methods for creating light such as paraffin lamps and candles. Those are based on fossil fuels and emit climate harming CO2 when being lit. In addition to that, the traditional methods produce a significant amount of carbon monoxide, which carries a high health risk for users when using them indoors. atmosfair, in partnership with the local organization Solar Lights, offers a cost-efficient, sustainable and health-friendly alternative for light and energy production.

Solar Home Systems allow the people in the rural areas to use the sunlight’s energy for charging their mobile phones, operating other electronic devices or for simply lighting up their homes. For the Basotho – the population of Lesotho – cell phones present the most important gadget in terms of communicating. Therefore, the charging of those is particularly relevant. The solar lamps provide a reliable source of light which, by means of battery storage, is also available at nighttime and can be used for reading, studying and for other activities.

The introduction of solar technologies in Lesotho, creates jobs especially in logistics, installation and maintenance; not to mention the positive aspects by spreading the knowledge about renewable forms of energy.

You will find more information about the project on our project-website.