Expansion of the Rwanda stove project and stove shipment

atmosfair enlarges the stoves project in Rwanda. 10,000 new stoves shall be sold in 2017. A few days ago, three containers with materials for 5,700 stoves have been loaded for that purpose and are shipped to Dar es Salaam right now.

From the Tanzanian capital they are transported overland to our partner organization Safer Rwanda in Kigali, Rwanda. Only raw material such as plates from stainless steel is shipped from Germany, the stoves themselves are bent and assembled in Rwanda by our partner organizations. atmosfair tries to source steel from local production. However, there is no suitable steel production in Rwanda nor in neighbouring countries.

Rwanda in Central Africa is one of the countries where the Save80 stoves are very popular. The stove is called “Save80” because users save 80% of firewood during the cooking process. Thanks to your donations, atmosfair subsidizes the material for each stove set to a significant extent. Therefore, low-income households too can afford the stoves with pots and wonderbox, hence becoming independent from permanently rising wood prices. Moreover, even more people will benefit from this project as our partner organization Safer Rwanda will collaborate more closely with different cooperatives to sell the stoves.

atmosfair and our local partners say thank you to all donors for their climate-friendly commitment.

Find out more about the project on our project website:


UPJ network meeting 2017

„CSR in a changing world“ was the headline of this year’s annual meeting organized by the UPJ network.

Over 350 politicians, scientists, corporate and NGO representatives discussed urgent global topics like climate change, migration, diversity and social integration. The event aims to promote social commitment in businesses and foster a more sustainable corporate management.

As a cooperation partner of the UPJ network, atmosfair has offset the travel emissions of all speakers. Furthermore, our stand at the event made it possible for the participants to offset their travel emissions right on site.

For information, visit www.upj.de

Energy Globe Award for CDM project in Rwanda

atmosfairs CDM project about efficient cookstoves in Rwanda has just won the National Energy Globe Award Rwanda 2017. Today, the Energy Globe Award is considered to be the most prestigious environmental award worldwide with 178 countries participating and over 2,000 project submissions annually.

There are annual presentations of Country Awards regarding the participating countries and of the World Award which is split up in different categories such as earth, water and air. Worldwide media attention is attracted by the awarding each year with around 1,000 hours of broadcasting time of several international TV stations. Thus, global environmental awareness shall be raised regarding sustainable and everywhere applicable solutions to support the realisation of appropriate measures.

Our local partner organization SaferRwanda had submitted the project. They are engaged in several peace and environmental protection projects and are responsible for benting and assembling the stoves on site.

The project is about distributing efficient cookstoves to the population. Families need 80% less firewood compared to the traditional three-stone fire and save a lot of time and costs concerning the sourcing of combustion material. Moreover, less firewood needed contributes to the preservation of the highly endangered forests. atmosfair appreciates the renowned award which will raise the recognisability of the project.

Find out more about the project on our project website:


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