Containers with efficient stoves have arrived

Berlin, January 2017: It’s official: Two containers have arrived in Kigali a few weeks ago, providing material for an additional 3,800 of efficient Save80 stoves. They have come a long way: First, the goods were shipped from Hamburg to the Tanzanian capital Dar es Salaam. Later, the stoves continued their journey overland and were finally received by our partners ‘Safer Rwanda’ in Kigali. 

But there is still work to be done: the stoves are shipped in parts and have to be assembled on site. Every container weighs almost nine tons, carrying stainless steel plates, Wonderboxes and screws. atmosfair is constantly striving to source their steel from local production, as it is already done in Ethiopia and India. However, Rwanda and its neighbor countries do not dispose of a suitable steel production.

The Save80 stoves enjoy great popularity among the Central African country. By the way, the name ”Save80“ was given to it because of its reduction potential: it consumes about 80 percent less firewood than normally required for cooking. In the past four years, atmosfair has sent material for around 25,100 stoves to Rwanda. In 2015 alone, more than 7,700 stoves have been delivered to Rwandan families.

As soon as the material has arrived in Kigali, our partners are supported by a dozen helpers to unload the goods. The unloading process is supervised by a women’s team. This team also takes responsibility for the production and the assembly of the stoves: precise instructions are given to the helpers in order to ensure a proper working order. Whenever the material is sorted correctly at the very beginning, the staff can start the assembly immediately. The corresponding pots have already been manufactured by a local supplier in Kigali.

Christine, who is the manager of our partner organization Safer Rwanda, is happy to finally receive the stoves and refill the stocks. After the assembly, every stove is inspected with respect to its quality. Only after this inspection, the stove sets are made available for purchase within the country.

Thanks to your donation, atmosfair can assume 90% of the costs for every stove set. Thereby, a purchase is made possible also for low-income households. By obtaining the complete oven set including pots and Wonderbox, they become independent from price increases on the wood market. Moreover, atmosfair offers the possibility to pay off in rates. Thus, the families only pay the costs that emerge from assembly, distribution and logistics. The investment of approximately € 30, - usually pays off within a short period of six months.

Furthermore, the UN Climate Secretariat confirmed the validity of the achieved CO2 reductions for the second time in June 2016. The stoves were intact and regularly used, saving a total amount of 29,572 tons of CO2 emissions.

Atmosfair and our local partners would like to say thank you to all our donators for their commitment to a climate-friendly world.

Please click here to learn more about our project in Rwanda.

atmosfair publishes climate ranking of airlines.

Shortly before the climate conference in Marrakesh, atmosfair publishes its new Airline Index. It compares more than 200 airlines worldwide regarding climate efficiency and there are news from the Far East and also from Germany. Who is the winner, who looses?

Find the current press release, the brochure with the results and background information here (


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