Exhibitions, annual general meetings, trade conferences, festivals, and rock concerts – the variety and number of events are constantly growing. Events bring people together, but they also contribute to climate change. CO2 emissions that harm the climate are released at every event, for example through transport to and from the venue, electricity and heat consumption, catering, and the generation of trash. A portion of these emissions are avoidable, but another portion is not avoidable using today’s technology. atmosfair offers you the opportunity to minimise your carbon footprint and offset your emissions.

Together with VDR (Verband Deutsches Reisemanagement e.V.), atmosfair has developed a comprehensive methodology for calculating emissions related to events (the VDR Standard).

atmosfair offers not only individuals and event participants the chance to calculate and offset their CO2 emissions, but also sustainable solutions for companies, organisations, event planners, and conference venues.

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