Be there live when atmosfair inaugurates its new climate protection project in Germany – Emsland.

It is the first plant in the world to produce e-kerosene on an industrial scale. From renewable, additional electricity, water and CO₂ that we pull out of the air. Thus the kerosene is CO₂-neutral and has no other negative environmental effects. We also developed criteria for green synthetic kerosene, atmosfair fairfuel. We remain true to our climate protection principles: avoidance before reduction before offsetting. In the case of air traffic, reducing emissions with e-kerosene has become technically possible, and true to our guiding principle, we have tackled and implemented it with your support – many thanks to you!

Among those attending the inauguration of the plant will be

– German Chancellor Angela Merkel,
– Federal Minister for the Environment Svenja Schulze,
– Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer,
– Prof. Mojib Latif,
– Lufthansa (pilot customer).

At around 12.00 we will cut the red ribbon, after which there will be a panel discussion on the future of e-kerosene. The event is scheduled to end around 13.00.