Welcome to the atmosfair CO₂-calculator

With atmosfair you can calculate the climate impact of your event. Once the CO₂ emissions are calculated, you receive a detailed CO₂ report. If you wish, you can then make a voluntary contribution to climate protection. atmosfair offsets your CO₂ emissions through its UN-certified offsetting projects.  

atmosfair was established out of a research project of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment. The non-profit organisation is under the patronage of the former UNEP Executive Director Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer and is regularly named the best CO₂ offset provider in international studies.

atmosfair uses your contribution to develop projects that increase the implementation of renewable energies and energy efficiency in developing countries (e.g. hydropower, biomass and efficient fuel wood stoves). These projects not only demonstrably save CO₂ emissions, but also improve local environmental and living conditions. atmosfair projects are certified according to the two highest standards - CDM and Gold Standard.

atmosfair provides you with a CO₂ offset certificate that can be displayed during the event or distributed to participants. In addition, atmosfair is happy to assist you with the implementation and communication of your climate-friendly event.

Contact atmosfair for further questions:
030 – 627 3550 0 oder info@atmosfair.de


Our event emissions calculator calculates event emissions based on the German Business Travel Association (VDR) standard "CO₂ reporting of business travel."

More information about emission calculation of events