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Vienna, January 2015: As of now and for the first time, travellers using the large Austrian travel provider Hofer Reisen can offset their flights directly during an online purchase. Besides travel insurance, customers can also include their climate protection contribution for CO2 offsetting in the final bill during the payment process. “I’m happy that such a prominent provider in Austria as Hofer Reisen has decided to involve a broad customer group in climate protection,” says atmosfair employee Lina Tabea Maguhn. “In this way, we can address a large number of people specifically about climate protection during travel together with a positive option for taking action.”



Completion of the first phase of the pilot project

atmosfair employee Masami Fukuda was in Cabugao Oeste in the Philippines until the end of December to accompany the construction of biogas plants for our pilot project. Until today, a total of 26 biogas plants were installed and commissioned in private households. The blue tons of the plants are already visible in the village between many different homes.

Masami: "I spent 3 months with our project partners and collected important information about the biogas plants. These information include aspects like how much biogas a system is able to produce per day, how much gas is needed for cooking and what should be especially considered with regard to the maintenance of the systems. All these information are of importance, since we want to work with a new type of system where there is hardly any data available. Moreover, I supported the team during the construction and commissioning of the biogas units and showed them how to use the plants.

In the Philippines, I received a warm welcome by the project partner Maria Banico. Besides of the required technical data, I further got a good impression about the project’s organization and people's lives. For example, I was able to take part in the construction of the biogas plant of Raymond and Melanie. I have especially been amazed about how the entire family has actively helped in the construction of the biogas plant. Just 10 days later, Melanie told me with a smile on her face that she fried some fish with the produced biogas and that it worked perfectly. It was really nice to see for me how each single household has helped to drive the pilot project forward."

The first impressions on site and the feedback from users make us confident with regard to the future development. Users of the biogas units were specifically asked in which way the biogas is changing their lives and cooking habits. One of many positive testimonials: "Before the children go to school in the morning, I cook them a lunch box. In the morning the biogas plant cooks much faster and saves a lot of time compared to the traditional fireside."

Meanwhile, our project partner Maria Banico returned back to Cabugao Oeste to build more plants. In a short period of time a total of 50 households will then be equipped with individual biogas plants.

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