South Africa : Electricity from wind power in the Cape of Good Hope

Total savings: 60,000 tonnes of CO₂ per year, over 10 years
Technology transfer: Wind turbines imported from Germany; other technology is produced locally
Local environment: Replaces fossil fuels with wind power
Further advantages: Climate education through the local information centre
Project partners: Oelsner Group

Initial situation

South Africa has a great potential for clean wind energy, especially in the Cape of Good Hope. In 2008 the Darling Wind Farm on the Western Cape, approximately 70 km north of Cape Town, became the first operational commercial wind farm in the region. The project partner and operator of the installations is a company known as the Oelsner Group. Several years ago, it became the first group to do work in South Africa's wind power sector.

Sixteen wind turbines will be built on this site.

Sixteen wind turbines will be built on this site.

Project idea

The Kerrifontein Wind Farm will be constructed near the Darling Wind Farm. The area is relatively close to the coast and is primarily used for agricultural purposes, such as cattle grazing. The project will bring local employment, and the majority of the resources used will be local (building foundations, roads, transformers substations, cables, etc.). The import of German turbines fosters the transfer of technology and know-how. A centre for education and information disseminates information to visitors, including students, technicians, tourists, etc., and strengthens awareness for the local environment


Current situation

In 2011 atmosfair supported the conduction of the Environmental Impact Assessment. It was further planned that atmosfair will support the project’s development as a CDM Gold Standard project.

Construction was originally scheduled to begin at the end of 2012. Until today no investors could be acquired due to a long delay in the introduction of a feed-in tariff in South Africa. Therefore, the wind park has not been constructed yet and it remains doubtful whether it will be constructed in the near future. atmosfair will closely analyze the future development of the the project and is therefore in close contact with the project partner. In the case that the wind park will finally be constructed, atmosfair might continue to support the project in its development as a CDM Gold Standard project.