Save80 stoves for the extreme north region of Cameroon

End of training measures and start of dissemination of 300 Save80 stoves

Maroua, September 2015. Since the beginning of this year atmosfair and the Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) are implementing a pilot phase with the Save80 cook stove in the extreme north region of Cameroon. The dissemination of high efficient cook stoves is an important approach to cope with the scarcity of fuel wood.

According to a study by the ministry of forestry in Cameroon, there is a discrepancy of 26 % between the demand and the supply of fuel wood in the region. It is expected that in the upcoming years the situation will become even more severe.

In August 2015, two new partner organizations have been identified during a selection process, consisting of several steps. Before the start of the dissemination of 300 pilot-stoves, the necessary trainings and capacity building measures have been of great importance. Our current partner and local consultant Jean Claude Tsafack from southern Cameroon, bears the on-site responsibility for the implementation of the pilot phase and the trainings.

During one week about 20 participants were trained in the assembly, correct usage, dissemination and data management of the stoves, with the objective to build up capacities of the organisations GTE Sahel and Rovenn with regard to the implementation of a CDM and GS project.  The highlight of the training was the last day, when a joint cooking event with the Save80 was organized. On this day the participants were given the opportunity to demonstrate what they had learned so far, and to cook stew, rice and beans with the Save80 and heat retaining “Wonderbox”.

After the successful participation in the training program, both organizations received the Save80 stoves to start off with the sales. The pilot phase is expected to end in late 2015 and will be financially supported by the GIZ within the program “Supporting the implementation of the National Forestry and Environmental Programme (ProPSFE)” in Cameroon. 

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