The Clean Development Mechanism which sets the framework on government level under which atmosfair operates most of its projects will expire at the end of 2020. Whether there will be a new mechanism under the Paris Agreement which allows for offsetting using emission reductions from the voluntary carbon market is currently being negotiated. In particular, countries still have to find an agreement on rules to avoid double counting or double claiming of emission reductions and to guarantee that projects lead to additional emission reductions.

Standards in the voluntary carbon market like the Gold Standard are now trying to prepare for the possibility that international negotiations might fail. A working group of several voluntary standards has published a position paper on the future of the voluntary carbon market for public feedback. The full paper is available here.

The suggestion of the working group does not offer a solution, neither for the avoidance of double counting nor for guaranteeing the additionality of emission reductions. Our comments and potential solution pathways can be found in atmosfair’s feedback to the proposal of the working group.