CO₂ Reporting for Companies

atmosfair offers companies the option to account automatically for CO₂ emissions due to corporate travel. Above all, this is important for companies that wish to satisfy the demands that customers, investors and rating agencies place on them today in their annual or sustainability reports.

In cooperation with the German Business Travel Association (VDR), atmosfair has developed the VDR standard for the CO₂ calculation of corporate travel. This standard covers the entire span of business travel (flights, hotels, rental cars, rail and conferences) and satisfies demands for worldwide application, accuracy, comparability and independence. The standard is exact enough to provide a summary of the potential for CO₂ reduction as well as the changes in travel policy that have occurred within the company regarding bookings for hotels, flights, etc. Companies that generate their CO₂ reports using this standard are entitled to label them with the VDR logo and seal reading “produced according to the VDR standard.”

VDR standard methodology

The VDR standard for the CO₂ calculation of corporate travel consists of calculation methods (part I), calculation examples (part II), and a database with detailed emissions factors for the flight, rail, hotel, car and MICE sectors (part III). Companies, travel agencies, credit card companies, etc. can use these in order to generate reports in which the CO₂ emissions created by a company’s business travel are accounted for over a specified period of time. Please click here to learn more about the procedure.

What do atmosfair CO₂ reports that follow the VDR standard look like?

Corporate customers receive a detailed analysis in the form of a pdf report and Excel tables from atmosfair that includes specific information about individual data sets. Please click here for an overview of the features in atmosfair’s CO₂ reports.