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Expansion of TLUD project in West Bengal

atmosfair just decided to greatly enlarge the TLUD stoves project in India by expanding it to further project regions in West Bengal. Since April this year, subsidised TLUD stoves can be purchased in Uluberia and in Purba Medinpur, too. 2017 alone, atmosfair intends to develop the project with 30,000 new stoves in the three regions.

The project offers the users the opportunity to purchase the resulting charcoal. Finally the charcoal will be passed to restaurants and other users of conventional charcoal like tea plantations, hence saving CO2 additionally. Because of reduced expenses and other revenues through the sale of charcoal, the stoves pay off approx. within half a year and improve the households´ economic situation. This results in a great customer satisfaction and in long-term stove usage concerning the current 12,000 stove users.

Since 2012, atmosfair subsidizes the sale of locally produced very efficient wood gasifiers in Deganga, West Bengal, which save 50% of firewood compared to traditional stoves. Similar to a gas stove, cooking by wood gas is smoke-free and convenient thanks to the fast cooking process. By wood gasification the charcoal is produced in addition.

Find out more about the project on our project website: