Gold Standard microscale

atmosfair provides at least 90% of its CO2 compensation via projects certified under the strict CDM Gold Standard. Beyond this, atmosfair also certifies projects according to the Gold Standard microscale. These small projects are designed to involve new technologies and countries in which the prerequisites for major projects are not yet present.

Ethiopia: Solar Home Systems
Status: Verification (Phase II) Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world and at the same time – measured in terms of its population size – the biggest landlocked country in the world...
Georgia: Solar collectors for rural households
Status: Verification (Phase II) In rural areas of Georgia, households now use solar energy for heating water for daily use.
Cameroon: Efficient cookstoves
Status: Operation (Phase III) Efficient cookstoves in Cameroon reduce deforestation of the mangrove forests and allow families to reduce their expenditures on fuel wood …
India: Solar Thermal Power Plant
Status: Planning (Phase I) India One uses 770 in-house developed 60 m² parabolic solar dishes with dual axis tracking system...
Indonesia: Decentralized waste management
Status: Operation (Phase III) The waste is collected by local actors and brought to the recycling center ..
Sri Lanka: Small hydro power plant
Status: Planning (Phase I) This small hydro power plant provides green electricity for 1500 people…