You want to offset CO₂ emissions (e.g. from business travel, events or heating) or you need carbon credits for the compliance market? You want to invest in long-term credible climate protection? atmosfair offers you the possibility to create carbon credits through investment in your own offset project.

atmosfair consults you on certification standards and types of projects eligible for CDM and Gold Standard. atmosfair then takes responsibility for the entire operation and coordination of the project all the way up until the issuance of carbon credits.

(Note: Are you developing a climate protection project and looking for a professional partner for CDM Gold Standard registration or project monitoring? Please check here for more information.)

Your own offset project offers many advantages

  • Flexibility: You can scale the project volume and the quantity of generated CERs to your specific needs.
  • Safety: You get a secure access to high-quality carbon credits, independent from market developments. atmosfair projects are located in the world’s least developed countries and will continue to be eligible for the EU ETS in the future.
  • Ownership: You can influence the project design and location (technology, country, partner organizations). Thus, this exclusive project that takes into account the particular needs of your company differentiates you from your competitors.
  • Marketing: Compared to anonymous purchased carbon credits or allowances, the investment in your own project fosters your credibility and can develop into a pivotal pillar of your CSR strategy. Make climate protection your USP.
  • Cost-benefit: Your own offset project allows for the generation of high quality CERs to modest prices.

atmosfair has long-lasting experience in project development and has already set up own offset projects for customers

atmosfair has vast experience in planning and implementation of CDM Gold Standard projects. atmosfair has developed CDM projects worldwide for its customers since 2005. Some of these projects have set CDM standards, e.g.

  • Development of the world’s first ever registered and verified CDM Gold Standard cookstove project (atmosfair project in Nigeria).
  • Development of the first CDM Gold Standard PoA for efficient cooking stoves in Africa.

For the leading logistics carrier Deutsche Post DHL, atmosfair developed a CDM Gold Standard project in Lesotho. Check out how Deutsche Post DHL integrates the Lesotho project into its environment communication.

Cooking stove user in Lesotho

Example: This could be your offset project

The following example shows an investment in a CDM Gold Standard project with efficient cooking stoves in Africa. Other technologies are possible. In particular, small biogas units for household are also suitable for an investment.

The following rough calculation demonstrates the key data of an atmosfair project generating up to 80,000t of CO₂ savings per year.

  • Stoves: 40,000
  • Investment: 8 million EUR
  • Crediting period: 10 years
  • Expected CERs per stove per year: 2.0
  • Total CERs: 800,000
  • Calculated CER-price ≈ 10 EUR
  • Save80 cooking stoves save 80% of the wood required by traditional open cooking hearths
  • The cooking stoves were developed in Germany. They are delivered to the partner countries in parts and assembled locally. A Save80 cooking stove has a lifespan of approximately 13 years.
The Save80 cooking stove saves 80% firewood and thus CO₂

Project responsibilities are usually divided as follows:

  • Your company makes an initial investment for cooking stoves, transport, setup of sales structures, etc.
  • Together with a local partner, atmosfair assumes responsibility for the project’s entire development
  • Local households pay a small amount for the cooking stoves and therefore help finance local sales as well as monitoring beyond the initial phase
  • The scale of the project can be adjusted as needed
  • CERs are paid out throughout the course of the project, which generally lasts for 10 years
Your own offset projects: typical division of responsibilities

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