Business trips are often the main source of a company’s total emissions. Reducing travel not only has financial advantages, it also has a positive impact on the environment. Nonetheless, the emissions reduction programme must be compatible with the company’s culture. For this to happen, the entire staff must understand the importance of climate protection. atmosfair can help with this – we provide modules for travel management and bookkeeping that can help educate staff about the process and raise awareness for climate-friendly travel.

Optimisation tool

The atmosfair CO₂ tool for booking business travel online is tied into the inhouse bookkeeping process. Every time a travel request is submitted, the programme displays the CO₂ emissions that the travel would generate along with suggestions for climate-friendlier alternatives to the proposed trip, including a direct link to video conference software that shows how attractive this option would be in terms of savings in travel costs and emissions.

Example: Electrolux

Several years ago, the Swedish corporation Electrolux realised that air travel was a major cost factor and that avoiding business travel by plane would constitute a major contribution to climate protection. Through a cooperation with atmosfair in 2006, Electrolux incorporated our online tool into its bookkeeping process. Although the number of meetings over the course of a year rose by 37%, flight bookings dropped by 3.2%.

Your benefits

  • Transparency Cost savings and climate impact are made clear to staff when booking travel online
  • Identification: Staff supports the new travel guidelines
  • Less effort: Technical integration into your bookkeeping process is no problem; adapting it to your system is easy.

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