Though all business travel contributes to global warming, some trips cannot be avoided. Nonetheless, you can make an active contribution to protecting the environment; atmosfair can compensate emissions created by your business travel with high quality climate protection projects. Compensation allows your company to achieve pre-established CO₂ reduction targets. All atmosfair climate protection projects provide concrete benefits to local people and to the environment and are easy to communicate both internally and externally.

Your benefits

  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • High standards for project selection and control
  • Opportunity to communicate actively to target group
  • Support for the fight against global warming
  • Contributions are tax-deductible in Germany
  • No costs for CO₂ reporting

How it works

  • Alternative 1: You regularly provide atmosfair with your travel data. atmosfair then calculates your CO₂ emissions and the corresponding offset fee, which you then pay to atmosfair. We also work together with business travel agencies in order to facilitate data collection.
  • Alternative 2: You get a corporate account and your employees can login to the atmosfair website to record their travel activities. You can then autonomously calculate and offset emissions from all registered travel activities at any point of time.

In any case, you obtain a certificate as proof of your carbon offset, photographic material for communication purposes (if needed) and a donation receipt.

Offset projects of highest quality

atmosfair develops renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in developing countries to compensate customers’ greenhouse gas emissions. Your company’s donation supports the development of these climate protection projects and thereby considerably improves the living conditions of the local population concerned. Independent experts audit the project’s implementation and results annually. This ensures that atmosfair only supports projects certified by the CDM Gold Standard.

  • Transparency: projects registered with the UN
  • Only renewable energy and energy efficiency projects
  • All projects with benefits to local inhabitants
  • Project development with experienced local partners
  • Annual audit of emission savings by independent experts
Project example: Small hydropower plant in Honduras

Your own project

For CO₂ intensive sectors of industry, atmosfair offers custom project development. Throughout the world, we use various technological means to carry out projects that always follow the CDM Gold Standard. Your company thus has the opportunity to generate tradable certificates and use a custom project in public relations work.

Your contact at atmosfair

Cathleen Herrich
Key Account Travel, Events & CO₂ Reporting
Dipl. Tourism
+49 (0)30 120 84 80 - 20