Major events and concerts are a substantial burden to our environment and climate even when they are not conducted open-air. Yet there are different possibilities for organizers and bands to carry out their events and concerts in an environmentally friendly way. Besides the reduction of the CO₂ footprint, the reduction of waste, wastewater and power consumption creates cost savings. There are a number of guidelines and initiatives that provide advice for the avoidance and reduction of CO₂ emissions as well as polluting impacts.

In accordance with the principle “avoid, reduce, offset“, atmosfair calls on all bands and organizers of major events to inform themselves about CO₂ mitigation measures and invest in these.

Unavoidable CO₂ emissions can be offset through atmosfair’s climate protection projects. The CO₂ calculation and offset takes place in several steps:

1. Data Collection

For the data collection, atmosfair will send you a questionnaire, which will need to be filled in and sent back.

2. CO₂ Calculation

atmosfair will create an emissions balance of your event(s) on the basis of the submitted data.

3. CO₂ Offset

After the receipt of the CO₂ balance you can decide whether you want to offset or not. The CO₂ calculation will not be invoiced if you decide upon the offset of your event.

Our supporters: Bands

Die Ärzte

Die Ärzte, Cologne 2007. License: Creative Commons 2.0.

“Die Ärzte“ committed themselves to a number of social issues – for example Viva Con Agua – and stand up against right-wing extremism. Furthermore, they have been offsetting the emissions of their concerts with atmosfair for several years.


Raggabund Paco & Caramelo of Raggabund

Paco & Caramelo of Raggabund

Don Caramelo, frontman of the band Raggabund, has been offsetting concerts and flights with atmosfair for a couple of years. “I think the idea and work of your organization is more than supportable. I am convinced that flight tickets are sold at unrealistically cheap prices if one considers the ecological damages and their subsequent costs. Of course, not flying is better than offsetting, but my work as a musician and the trips relating thereto do not allow for me to forgo flights entirely“, according to Don Caramelo.

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