Accounting for CO₂ emissions caused by corporate travel has become increasingly important in recent years. Many companies have become more aware and publish their emissions in reports on their business travel.

The VDR has developed a uniform standard regarding emissions accounting for business travel that makes it possible to compare the CO₂ emissions of business trips and to identify areas for potential emissions reduction.

If your company would like to prepare CO₂ reports for its customers according to the VDR standard, atmosfair offers two options:

1. Connection to atmosfair via interface

atmosfair offers companies a simple solution: the company prepares a summary of its customers’ travel data and sends it over the interface to atmosfair’s reporting system. You can find the necessary travel data and formats in this sample file.

atmosfair’s reporting system takes care of the CO₂ calculation and automatically sends the results back to your company. All reports follow the VDR standard. This way, your company can offer its customers CO₂ reports without any additional effort.

atmosfair’s reporting products for your company’s customers include:

  • PDF presentation with data on the total and partial emissions differentiated according to service provider in the form of tables and graphics, the top city pairs, information about distances travelled as well as many additional factors. This presentation is prepared in a way that allows your company’s customers to identify initial steps to reduce CO₂ emissions caused by their business travel. You can find an example below.
  • An Excel table with all results displayed individually. This allows your company’s customers the option to generate a detailed analysis on their own.

atmosfair charges a fee for this service that reflects the going prices of the reporting market. There is an annual base fee as well as a fee for each report according to scope and number.

Through these means, atmosfair can configure the reporting products to match the look and feel of your travel agency’s CI as well as consider your company’s customers’ wishes for special features.

2. Access to our reporting tool

CO₂ Sample Report


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