Total savings :120,000 tonnes of CO₂ per year
Technology transfer :Generation of clean electricity through wind turbine generators
Local environment :Replacement of fossil fuels with wind power
Further advantages :Reduced dependency on oil imports for electricity production; job creation in the construction, maintenance and operation of the wind farm; pilot project for wind power in Nicaragua
Project partners :Consorcio Eólico Amayo S.A.

A lot of room for renewable energy

The electricity supply in Nicaragua is mainly based on non-renewable energy sources. In 2007, electricity from oil and diesel combustion accounted for 63% of the grid’s effective capacity. Although a small percentage of Nicaragua’s national electricity supply already comes from renewable resources, the country is still very dependent on fossil fuels, which is an enormous strain on the environment. Furthermore, constant power outages prove that the electricity supply is still insufficient in many regions of the country.

The first wind power project in Nicaragua, the “Amayo Wind Power Project,” was developed under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to combat energy deficits and contributes to a climate-friendly electricity supply.

Sustainable expansion of the power supply

Located along the legendary Panamericana Highway, the wind farm consists of 30 wind turbine generators, each with an installed capacity of 2.1 MW. With a total installed capacity of 63 MW and an average annual electricity generation of 268 GWh, these installations make an important contribution to a cleaner electricity supply in Nicaragua.

The electricity generated will be fed directly into the national grid. This project promotes sustainable development in Nicaragua by helping to reduce Nicaragua’s oil imports as well as environmental pollution.

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