Total savings :ca. 30,000 tonnes of CO₂ per year, depentent on current weather conditions as El Niño
Local environment :Minimal impact on the environment because of steep slope
Further advantages :In addition to grid feed-in, electrification of four nearby villages
Jobs :over 70 permanent positions
Project partners :CISA, a small enterprise based in Honduras

Regional electrification

In the remote Intibucá region of Honduras, a small hydroelectric project (13.8 MW) is producing climate-friendly electricity. The project is located four kilometres from the city of La Esperanza on the Intibucá River near the border to El Salvador. Before this project, the region was heavily dependent on diesel-based electricity, which was supplied to the area via the national grid over a long distance with heavy losses. The hydroelectric plant now supplies renewable electricity to the local grid, and moreover, two nearby villages have access to electricity for the first time.

Minimal environmental impact

The project was developed as a climate protection project and accepted as a CDM project in 2005. However, since the project was not originally registered with the Gold Standard, atmosfair immediately applied for its Gold Standard certification once it became involved. The project officially received a Gold Standard title in 2008. The independent operator, CISA, urgently needs financial assistance from atmosfair in order to service its current loans.

CISA and atmosfair were able to obtain the Gold Standard label for this project because its small size has a minimal environmental impact; moreover, the project created over 70 jobs for members of the local communities and provided electricity for several villages.

Our partner

Consorcio de Inversiones S.A. (CISA), developed the project in this area. The local inhabitants were closely involved from the very beginning. CISA’s primary goal has always been to foster sustainable development in the region of Intibucá.

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