Total savings :10,000 tonnes of CO₂ per year
Technology transfer :Efficient cookstoves that save 60% of energy
Local environment :Improved indoor air conditions, reduced deforestation
Further advantages :Fewer household expenditures on fuel and less time gathering firewood
Project partners :Pro Climate International, NGO

Threatened diversity

Due to its diverse landscapes, Cameroon is often described as “Africa in miniature.” From the savannas of the North to the dense rain forests of the South, the total forest area extends over an area of about 20 million hectares. However, this rich biodiversity is in danger: every year, Cameroon loses around 200,000 hectares of wooded areas to deforestation. With a growing population fuelling the demand for wood, deforestation will increase in the coming years.

To reduce timber consumption, atmosfair initiated the sale of highly efficient fuel wood stoves in the South West and Littoral regions of Cameroon. The stoves require about 60% less wood than traditional stoves, such as the three stone fire. After a successful implementation phase of five years, atmosfair handed over the project to the stove manufacturer in 2017, who took over the operation of the project.

Less logging, less smoke

Efficient cook stoves offer several advantages to the environment and the local population. Reducing deforestation in the project area is one of the most important contributions that the atmosfair project makes. The increasing demand for fuel wood especially threatens the forests around Mount Cameroon and the mangrove forests in the immediate vicinity of the metropolis of Douala; in both situations, the flora and fauna are in serious danger.

Additionally, efficient stoves allow families to reduce their expenditures on fuel wood and spend less time collecting firewood. Another advantage is the reduction of harmful gases that affect women and children in particular; in this way, the stoves can help prevent illness.

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