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The inevitable CO2 emissions of this climate-friendly event are offset by atmosfair through UN Gold Standard certified climate protection projects.

Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2017 offset by atmosfair

Who is atmosfair?

atmosfair is a German, non-profit climate protection organisation which finances climate protection projects in developing countries by acquisition of donations. 

The atmosfair standards for emission calculation have been developed in collaboration with the German federal government in 2004.

Standards: atmosfair is the only organisation taking into account the climate impact of greenhouse gases in high altitudes following the recommendations of the Umweltbundesamt for emission calculation. 
Test Winner: In 9 international studies rating carbon offset providers atmosfair performed best. Among others, Test winner (the only provider achieving overall assessment "very good") rated by the Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband and the Hochschule für Nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde (2010).
Application of funds: 90% of the donations received are entirely applied for climate protection projects.
Project development: In contrast to competing providers atmosfair's main focus lies on developing and operating its own climate protection projects.

Carbon offset alone cannot solve the problem of climate change since it does nothing to change the actual source of CO2. It is therefore merely the second best solution.

How atmosfair offsets the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2017?

atmosfair calculates the climate impact of events such as exhibitions, annual general meetings, conferences, festivals or rock concerts and provides a detailed CO₂ report. Afterwards, we offset the CO₂ emissions through our climate protection projects. Our clients receive a certificate confirming their CO₂ offset.  

For the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2017 atmosfair calculates the CO2-emissions according to the VDR-standard "CO2-reporting of business travel". This comprehensive methodology to calculate event-related CO2-emissions was developed by atmosfair in cooperation with the German Business Travel Association (VDR). 

The calculation is usually based on both static as well as variable values – meaning we consider both, information about the event venue and its energy consumption (specific for your event venue or using average values per type of building) as well as the duration, number of participants, overnight stays, catering, travel to and from the event destination, local mobility and transportation of goods. 

"Climate friendly" events are characterized by their reduction of CO2-emissions, while the remaining unavoidable emissions are offset by supporting emission saving projects. Overall "Climate Neutrality" cannot be achieved for events, mainly because these inevitably cause CO2-emissions. Therefore, they are not climate neutral. Additionaly, the entire amount of emissions can factually never be taken into account.

In addition, atmosfair sponsors this event by offsetting the transport emissions of the "Green Energiewende Sofa", a travelling discussion platform for experts and decision makers from around the world.

Highest Project Standards Provided by atmosfair!

All our projects are registered CDM projects and either meet the so-called "Gold Standard" or are currently awaiting certification. The certification of projects by UN-accredited monitoring organisations is something that distinguishes atmosfair from other organizations and provides the customer with the highest possible guarantee that their money is being used wisely.

The CDM criteria were agreed upon at the international climate conference in Kyoto. CDM stands for "clean development mechanism." It enables industrialized and developing countries to work together to implement climate protection projects in developing countries. All CDM-projects require verification in which an independent verifier examines and controls the project's additionality and amount of savings. The verifier is liable for the report. In addition to sustainable emissions reduction, developing countries can also benefit from the influx of technology.

The Gold Standard was developed by several environmental organizations under the special guidance of the WWF. Its purpose is to ensure that CDM projects actually contribute to sustainable development with a special emphasis on social and economic aspects. For further information follow this link.

Additionally, our projects are approved by our external and independent advisory board ("atmosfair plus").

Only atmosfair guarantees the highest quality standards through the unique combination of the three certification schemes CDM, GoldStandard and atmosfair plus.

Please feel free to look at our carbon offset projects.